2024-05-01 Caio sold Transnacional 5 units of the fifth generation of the Apache Vip, which will be incorporated into its fleet.

Transnacional de João Pessoa recently invested in 5 more Caio Apache Vip buses to be incorporated into its fleet, which already has 10 units of the same model in operation, acquired at the end of 2023.

João Pessoa, a city in the state of Paraíba with a population of approximately 850,000, stands out for its stunning beaches and strong regional culture. The capital also has many attractions for tourists who enjoy traveling and visiting historical sites.

Sales representative Rogério Soares highlights that five more Apache Vip units are already scheduled to be delivered to the customer in June, which consolidates the partnership between Caio and the operator.

“For Caio, it is rewarding to contribute to the expansion of the fleet of Grupo A. Cândido, an important urban transport operator in the cities of Paraíba, including João Pessoa, Campina Grande and Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte, which seeks to provide unique and safe transportation for its passengers”, he emphasizes.

About Apache Vip V
The Apache Vip acquired are 12,500 meters long and have a total capacity for 88 people. They were built on Mercedes-Benz OF-1721/59 chassis, with Euro VI technology, which has been adopted in the country to reduce emissions of pollutants.

The buses have upholstered seats and air conditioning, providing users with ergonomic and thermal comfort during their trips. These models are also 100% accessible, equipped with semi-automatic elevators, seats for people with disabilities (PwD), reduced mobility and for senior citizens, as well as an exclusive area for wheelchair users or people with visual impairments.

Considering passenger safety, the units have pneumatic folding doors and locking devices, which prevent them from opening unexpectedly during the trip.

The buses come from the factory prepared for the installation of components such as turnstiles, ticket validation devices, micro cameras and a Wi-Fi system. In addition, throughout the interior corridor there are USB sockets for recharging mobile devices.

Vehicles are also equipped with LED electronic itineraries signs installed on the front of the body, which contribute to better visibility of the routes

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Caio Group’s Press Office| April 2024