Amended July 13, 2023.


This Cookie Policy applies to the institutional website ("Website") of CAIO – INDUSCAR INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO DE CARROCERIAS LTDA., registered as a Corporate Taxpayer under CNPJ/ME No. 02.907.841/0001-02 ("We", "Us") and aims to provide an increasingly transparent experience on our Website, explaining the concept of Cookies, how we use them to improve your navigation, and also the possibilities for customizing their use.

Your continued navigation on the Website will imply your consent to the provisions of this Policy in its entirety. If You do not agree with the use of Cookies as presented, You may: (i) change your Web browser settings not to allow the use of Cookies or (ii) not access the Website.

Please note that disabling the use of Cookies may impact your experience when browsing the Website.

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Cookies are small digital files in text format which are stored on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) by your Web browser and which store information related to your preferences, such as preferred language, location, recurrence of your sessions, and other variables that developers deem relevant to making your experience much more efficient. We use the term "Cookies" in this Policy to refer to all files that collect information to this extent.


Cookies are used to improve your experience, both in terms of performance and in terms of usability, since the content made available will be directed to your needs and expectations.

They may also be used to compile yearnymous and aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how You use the Website, as well as to improve its structure and content. As these statistics are yearnymous, You cannot be identified through this data.

At present, using Cookies is a very common practice in any digital platform. Their use in no way harms the devices on which they are stored.


We use our own and third-party Cookies on the Website, which can be classified according to their period classification:

  • Session Cookies: temporary Cookies which remain stored until You exit the Website or close your browser.
  • Persistent Cookies: Cookies which are stored on your device until they are deleted (how long the Cookie will remain on your device depends on its "lifespan" and your Web browser settings).

Cookies (Session or Persistent) may still be categorized according to their function:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: allow navigation and use of applications, as well as access to secure areas of the Website. Without these Cookies, the Website will not work properly.
  • Analytical Cookies: collect yearnymous statistical data for the purpose of analyzing the use of the Website and its respective performance.
  • Functionality Cookies: used to ensure the availability of additional functionality on the Website or to save the preferences set by the user when browsing the Web, whenever using the same device.
  • Advertising Cookies: collect information about your visit to the Website so that the advertisements placed on it are more relevant to You and relevant to your interests. They are usually associated with third-party Cookies. If You disable these cookies, please note that You will still see the advertisements, but they will not be customized to Your preferences.


You must enable the use of Cookies for our Website to work properly. If You decide not to enable them, You will still be able to browse the Website, but some features will not be available.

Please note that most Web browsers are set to automatically accept Cookies. You may change the settings to block the use of Cookies or to warn you when a Cookie is being sent to your device. Cookies can be managed as desired; check your browser instructions or help section to learn more about adjusting or changing these settings. If You use different devices to access the Website, You must ensure that each browser, on each device, is set to meet your preferences in relation to Cookies.

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Below are details about the use of Cookies on the Website, as well as their purposes:

6.1. Strictly Necessary Cookies
Cookie: PHPSESSID (Validity: Session)
Purpose: Preserves user session state across page prompts.
Cookie: cc_cookie (Validity: 6 meses)
Purpose: Used by Us to record your response regarding consent to the use of cookies.
6.2. Analytical Cookies
Cookie: _ga (Validity: 2 years)
Cookie: _gid (Validity: 1 day)
Purpose: Allows Google to collect visitor information for videos hosted on YouTube.
Cookie: _gat (Validity: 1 day)
Purpose: Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate.
Cookie: YSC (Validity: Session)
Cookie: yt.innertube::requests (Validity: Persistent)
Purpose: Registers a unique ID to keep statistics of which YouTube videos the user has viewed.
Cookie: yt-player-headers-readable (Validity: Persistent)
Purpose: Determines the best quality option for YouTube videos based on the visitor’s device.
Cookie: yt-player-bandwidth (Validity: Persistent)
Purpose: Registers the visitor’s YouTube Embedded Video Player preferences.
Cookie: IDE (Validity: 1 year)
Purpose: Used by Google DoubleClick to register and report visitor actions on the Website after viewing or clicking an ad for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness of an ad and placing specific ads to the visitor.
Cookie: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE (Validity: 179 days)
Purpose: Attempts to estimate user bandwidth on pages with embedded YouTube videos.
Cookie: SIDCC (Validity: 1 year)
Cookie: SEARCH_SAMESITE (Validity: 6 months)
Purpose: Used to protect visitor data from unauthorized access.
Cookie: __Secure-3PAPISID (Validity: 2 years)
Cookie: __Secure-3PSID (Validity: 2 years)
Cookie: SAPISID (Validity: 2 years)
Cookie: SSID (Validity: 2 years)
Cookie: HSID (Validity: 2 years)
Cookie: SID (Validity: 2 years)
Cookie: __Secure-3PSIDCC (Validity: 1 year)
Cookie: LOGIN_INFO (Validity: 1 year e 6 months)
Purpose: Allows Google to collect visitor information for videos hosted on YouTube.
Cookie: OTZ (Validity: 1 month)
Purpose: Registers traffic information for Google Analytics.
Cookie: NID (Validity: 6 months)
Purpose: Registers visitor preference information on Google services.
Cookie: RUL (Validity: 1 year)
Purpose: Used by Google DoubleClick to register whether ads were placed properly.
6.3. Functionality Cookies
Cookie: yt-remote-device-id (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: yt-remote-connected-devices (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: yt-fullerscreen-edu-button-shown-count (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: yt-fullerscreen-edu-button-click-count (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: yt-remote-connected-devices (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: yt-html5-player-modules::subtitlesModuleData::module-enabled (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: yt-live-chat::show-timestamps (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: yt-remote-session-app (Validity: Session)
Cookie: yt-remote-cast-installed (Validity: Session)
Cookie: yt-remote-session-name (Validity: Session)
Cookie: yt-remote-fast-check-period (Validity: Session)
Cookie: yt_autonav::autonav_disabled (Validity: Session)
Cookie: yt-player-volume (Validity: Session)
Cookie: yt-player-quality (Validity: Session)
Cookie: yt-player-performance-cap (Validity: Session)
Cookie: yt-player-bandaid-host (Validity: Session)
Cookie: yt-edu::membership-join-impression (Validity: Session)
Cookie: PREF (Validity: 2 years)
Purpose: Registers the visitor’s YouTube Embedded Video Player preferences.
Cookie: LogsDataBaseV2 (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: YtIdbMeta (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: swpushnotificationsdb (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: yt-idb-test-do-not-use (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: yt-it-response-store (Validity: Persistent)
Cookie: yt-serviceworker-metadata (Validity: Persistent)
Purpose: Registers data used in the operation of YouTube features.
Cookie AEC (Validity: 6 months)
Purpose: Ensure that requests made in a browsing session are from the user, and not from other sites. This cookie prevents malicious websites from acting on behalf of the user and without their knowledge.
Cookie _GRECAPTCHA (Validity: 2 months)
Purpose: Standard reCAPTCHA cookie, It is intended to provide your risk analysis.
6.4. Advertising Cookies
Cookie: APISID (Validity: 2 years)
Purpose: Used by Google to place customized ads on its services, based on recent searches and past interactions.
Cookie: 1P_JAR (Validity: 1 month)
Purpose: Registers login information used for placing ads on Google services.