Social Projects - PHE Humanization Program of the Company
PHE - Family Budget: Lectures and dynamics with guidance on budget control and planning, for all employees, extended to family members.
PHE - Missions: It promotes daily prayers in the sectors, and the formation of groups of employees that have the mission to help their work colleagues who are going through difficult times. Home visits are made, CD distribution to employees children with music, praise and educational messages, loan of films, etc.
PHE- Youth Citizen: He works in the personal and professional development of youngsters between fifteen and seventeen years old, sons, stepchildren, siblings, nephews and grandchildren of employees. The objective of the program is to educate citizens with ethical posture and knowledge of their duties and rights, preparing them for the job market and professional future. For this, the young people participate in lectures on teamwork, professional ethics and posture, importance of spirituality, market vision, citizenship, family relationships, volunteering, financial control, worker rights and duties, business structure, hygiene, drug prevention and sexuality.
School tutoring, theater and music classes are also offered. These concepts are passed through weekly meetings in the company, totally free. Teaching materials, transportation and food are offered to all participants.

The young people who excel in the course are hired by the company or by third-party partner companies.
PHE - Well Being: Employees with psychiatric problems (depression, panic syndrome, social phobia, etc.) receive a complete and free treatment consisting of: psychiatric consultations, medication, therapy with psychologists, family support, social support, adaptation to working hours and the activities performed.