Routes in Belo Horizonte receive Caio buses

2014-05-07 The city of Belo Horizonte is receiving Caio buses, in an order for more than 260, to circulate in new bus routes in the city’s public transport system called MOVE, one the country’s most modern systems.

The objective of the system is to provide faster passenger transport, where journeys are quicker with bus-only lanes, swift embarking and disembarking, with same height platforms and other benefits.

With front mounted motors as standard in Belo Horizonte, bus builder Caio Induscar developed the Millennium BRT powered by a front mounted motor especially to meet the city’s requirements, fitting this system with the technologies offered by the bodies. The necessary changes were made without compromising the bus’s main features - agility, modern design, comfort, and safety.

System operating companies ordered from the São Paulo bus builder 163 feeder and 99 articulated Millennium BRT buses which will replace the current conventional buses and transport more passengers. The new buses have high floors meeting the standards used on the routes, with mixed embarking – conventional bus stops and platforms, and front motors.

All units are fitted with air conditioning, multiplex system (controlling the body’s whole electrical system), cushioned passenger seats, and accessibility ramps where there is mixed embarking. Some buses also have elevators and chassis with pneumatic suspension.

The doors are another feature of the vehicles, some suitable for the direct lines which are main trunk corridors and others for operator lines which mix platforms and normal curbs: the buses have two or four slide-glide doors at floor level on the left side and pantograph or bi-fold doors on the right side.

Contributing to improvements in metropolitan public transport is part of Caio Induscar’s mission.