New Apache VIP generation marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the most beloved urban bus in Brazil

2021-07-02 Caio`s iconic front engine model maintains the attributes that made it a sales success, with new features that add even more benefits to the operator

Caio, a bus manufacturing company, which completes 75 years of the brand and 20 years under the administration of a new management group, is also celebrating two decades since the launch of the success that leveraged the brand`s new phase: the Apache VIP urban bus, which receives a new version in 2021.

In early July, the fifth generation of the model is presented to the market, bringing the structural robustness, durability and reliability that are inherent to Caio products, with new attributes that make it even more special. ``It was a multi-area effort, which combined the know-how of 75 years of brand tradition with the intense search to learn about the product`s needs and improvement opportunities, resulting in a model that brings even more benefits to our customers. We want to continue to make a difference in the public transport of passengers and I believe that the new Apache VIP will continue to fulfill this mission successfully,`` details the commercial and marketing director, Paulo Ruas.

The national sales manager, José Gildo Vendramini, complements: ``Anyone who has a Caio bus in their fleet knows the superior quality we deliver. And we always want to deliver more and more solutions, because continuous improvement is in the brand`s DNA. Over the generations of the Apache VIP for example, we have been developing new solutions and improving materials so that the vehicle would always perform above average for our customers. Today we can celebrate four generations and welcome the fifth generation of the Apache VIP, which maintains the strength of the Caio brand and of our best-selling product.``

Unique. In every detail

Functionality is one of the highlights of the Apache VIP, with items redesigned to offer even more durability, easy maintenance, and economy.

``Access to the itinerary was optimized and can now be done from inside the bus, in a faster and easier way. The space for the power plant was enlarged. As a result, we have improved access to maintenance and gained more space to insert on-board technology components. The bumper tips, meanwhile, have been resized for easier maintenance. Each component was studied and added to the model, thinking about practicality and cost reduction, which involves a vehicle stopped at the garage for maintenance``, explain the engineering manager, João Roberto dos Santos, and the method and process manager, Anthony Espitia.

The new concept of the door frames, separated from the wind curtain, has made the item even lighter and easier to access for maintenance and cleaning. The same concept applies to the air conditioning duct, with removable plates.

New Design. The VIP Apache with a new look

The external design was totally redefined, gaining even more striking and clean lines, a trend in the automotive market. ``The new Apache has not lost the essence of the previous generation. If you look at the front of the vehicle, you will immediately make the association. Our team prioritized keeping this same concept in order to maintain the identification. In this update, we also paid tribute to the first-generation Apache VIP, applying the same gold tone used 20 years ago to the logo”, says design manager Roberto Barduco.

The front optical assembly in full LED brings the exclusive signature of the Caio brand, the first manufacturer to use this item in the urban bus market. The layout of the grilles also brings an exclusive format, giving the vehicle even more personality.

The rear lantern, also in LED, has a homogeneous effect and a design that wraps around the sides, giving the model an imposing and sophisticated look.

The rearview mirrors are more robust.
The windshield, with a new curvature, provides the driver with a better view.

More internal space

The Apache VIP had a 70-mm gain in internal lounge, measuring 2,430 mm wide, which allows for more seating.

Structural tests, conducted digitally and on the test field, have proven the superior efficiency of the Apache VIP`s robust structure, developed with an optimized concept.

The armchairs bring new patterns of colors and textures, in materials that allow quick and efficient cleaning.

Efficiency, design, optimized items, functionality, practicality, and easy maintenance. It is in Caio`s DNA to design and create successes. Make history. Contribute to urban, intelligent, and modern mobility.

About Caio

With two manufacturing complexes, based in the city of Botucatu and a branch office in Barra Bonita, both in the inland region of São Paulo, Caio has a production capacity of 50 bus bodies per day, in the two units.

It counts with sales representation teams throughout Brazil and abroad and a central office in the city of São Paulo. Also, with a renowned technical assistance team and facilities in the acquisition and exchange of replacement parts.

The success in the bus segment is the result of a robust product portfolio that meets the various needs of the market and a complete mix of solutions that includes differentiated assistance and services.

Therefore, Caio is an expert in providing solutions in intelligent mobility, making the transportation of millions of people in Brazil and around the World easy.

Caio Press Office
July 2020