Itamaracá Transportes acquires 30 urban buses, Apache Vip of Caio

2020-02-06 A traditional client of the Caio brand, Itamaracá Transportes has acquired 30 units of the model Apache Vip, produced by the largest manufacturer of urban bodies of Brazil.

Out of the units acquired, 11 will operate in the fleet of the company by Conorte – Consórcio Norte, managed by GRCT - Grande Recife Consórcio de Transportes, which operates in the cities of Recife, Olinda, Paulista, Abreu and Lima, Igarassu and Itamaracá, in the RMR - Metropolitan Area of Recife.

With a distinguished painting of the BRT System - “Via Livre”, the other 19 vehicles, count with five doors and double embarking, allowing that the operation is performed both in the BRT corridors, and in the urban lines of the cities in the RMR. The units also have air conditioning and the interior in the BRT standard, aiming at a greater comfort of its passengers.

About Apache Vip

The urban front-engine vehicle most sold in the country has a modern design and robust body, besides the easy access to maintenance components.

All units acquired are 100% accessible, have elevators and seats for disabled people (PcD), people with reduced mobility, the elderly and pregnant women.

The buses also count with internal LED lighting, electronic routes and anatomic and comfortable armchairs.

Thinking of the safety of the passengers during the transport, they are also equipped with bellow-type doors, with pneumatic actuation and blockers, which avoid the sudden opening during the route.

About Caio

With over 74 years of the brand and 19 years of activities under new management, Caio has two manufacturing parks, with its head offices in the city of Botucatu and a branch in Barra Bonita, both in the countryside of the São Paulo State. Its productive capacity is of 50 bodies per day, when both of its units are included.

It counts with sales representation teams throughout Brazil and abroad and a central office in the city of São Paulo. Also, with a renowned technical assistance team and facilities in the acquisition and exchange of replacement parts.

Caio is recognized as one of the largest employment generators in the region. In Botucatu alone, the company has about 3,200 employees. Added to other companies of Grupo Caio, these are approximately 5,000 direct employments generated.

The winning performance in the segment of buses is conquered day by day, with a large portfolio of products that serve the varied market needs and the mix of solutions, which include customer service and differentiated services.

Therefore, Caio is an expert in providing solutions in intelligent mobility, making the transportation of millions of people in Brazil and around the World easy.


Other information about the Caio brand may also be obtained in the website:, in the social networks @caioinduscaroficial and on LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.