Imperial Transportes starts operations in the TRIAR system (Araucária) with 24 units of Apache VIP zero km

2021-07-23 The city of Araucária, located in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, Paraná, starts next week a new stage of its public transport system, which went through a bidding process in April 2021. Imperial Transportes, one of this bidding process winners, chose the Apache Vip urban bus model, of Caio brand, with the objective of offering the population modern, comfortable and safe transport.

Imperial Transportes was founded by Mr. Angelino Pereira da Silva, its headquarters is in Araguari, Minas Gerais, and the branches in the cities of Araucária/PR and Brumadinho/MG. It will be responsible for managing the lines of LOT 3, called TRIAR (Integrated Transport of Araucária), which operate between terminals Central and Angélica de Araucária and the north-south region.

About the Apache Vip

The 24 units of Apache Vip fourth generation are zero kilometer, have three pneumatically operated doors with front boarding and a capacity for 39 seated passengers.

The modern visual identity applied to the vehicles, in yellow and blue, translates the concept of the transport system which, through the TRIAR card, creates greater integration and ease to the passengers.

With full accessibility, all buses have elevators and seats reserved for people with disabilities (PcD), reduced mobility and the elderly.

In the indoor lounge, ergonomic and upholstered armchairs provide easy cleaning and maintenance. Windows with barriers to solar effects and smoked-colored glass provide more comfort and thermal comfort. Interior lighting and front electronic itinerary are in LED.

The Apache Vip were prepared to install electronic ticketing and internet system to offer passengers free internet wi-fi.

Other information about the Caio brand may also be obtained in the website:, in the social networks @caioinduscaroficial and on LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.

Caio Press Office
July 2021