Grupo Caio contributes to McDia Feliz Botucatu 2020 campaign

2020-11-24 Young people from the Company Humanization Program - PHE Juvenile Citizen were awarded by Grupo Caio, with McDia Feliz 2020 tickets. ⠀

PHE Cidadão Juvenil has existed for 13 years in the Group and has already prepared 895 young people for the job market. In addition to professional training, it also focuses on the personal development of each participant.

The McDia Feliz Botucatu Campaign carried out by Famesp in partnership with the HCFMB, this year was different, due to the current prevention actions to combat the pandemic. It is usually held in the month of August and this year it was on the 21st of November.

For the campaign coordinator in Botucatu, Augusto Albano, the participation of the private sector is very important. “This action demonstrates the sector`s concern in the fight against childhood and juvenile cancer. Every resource will be applied in the training of health professionals in our region, and having everyone`s involvement motivates us even more”, he highlights.

In all, 57 tickets were delivered to young people. “Participating in McDia Feliz was really cool and the most important thing was being able to help the health area of the city of Botucatu and the region”, highlights the teenager Kauane Viotto, PHE at Caio Induscar`s Administrative Ambulatory.

For young Lucas Bueno da Silva, PHE of Tecglass PPCP, McDia Feliz 2020 was an incredible experience. “Thanks to Grupo Caio, which gave McDia Feliz tickets to all young people, I had a leisure day with my mother, which was very nice. With the pandemic, it was a long time since we went out to eat something different. The most important thing is to know that this action will help more people and contribute to the health area”, he emphasizes.

Grupo Caio values the joining of forces in favor of causes that benefit the community of which it is a part and, whenever possible, is involved and collaborates with actions like this.

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Caio Press Office
November 2020