City of Mairinque, SP, modernizes its fleet with Caio buses

2021-07-14 Jundiá, a traditional passenger transport company once again chose Caio for producing the new vehicles that will deploy in the City of Mairinque, located in the Metropolitan Region of Sorocaba, SP.

With a history of 50 years, Jundiá operates in the urban segment in several cities in the State of São Paulo, in addition to making services available in the road, school, special needs, charter and tourism sectors.

The 16 units acquired are the General Four Apache Vip urban bus model, which will provide the City of Mairinque the comfort, safety and durability inherent to Caio products.

Mairinque Municipal Administration visits Caio plant in the City of Botucatu

A committee from the Mairinque City Hall formed by the Government Secretary, Rodrigo Garcia and the Infrastructure Secretary Rodrigo Peralta visited the Caio plant for conducting a final inspection on the buses that are being delivered to the city.

The visit, coordinated by Caio’s Communications and Marketing department, counted on the support of the medical department for complying with health protocols.

About the Apache Vip models

The Fourth Generation Apache Vip buses are forward-wheel-drive, and carries 41 seated passengers. The vehicles have three pneumatic-activation doors and front boarding. With full accessibility, they count on elevators and seats reserved for persons with disabilities (PwD), with reduced mobility and for the elder.

The bus painting is composed by the modern visual identity of Jundiá, predominantly dark blue with the coat of arms of the Municipality of Mairinque.

All units are equipped with windows with solar-effects protection and smoked glasses, providing more comfort and well-being inside. The seats are ergonomic and with cushions, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. Internal lights and the front electronic itinerary are in LED.

Other information regarding the Caio brand can also be obtained on the website:, on the social media @caioinduscaroficial and on LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.

Caio Press Relations Department
July 2021