Caio receives the 2018 best drivers from Sao Paulo in its Botucatu factory

2019-07-25 Today, July 25, Driver`s Day is celebrated To mark the date, Caio, in partnership with São Paulo Transportes - SPTrans, received at its manufacturing unit, located in the city of Botucatu, in the interior of São Paulo, the drivers chosen by the operating companies as the best in 2018, among the 33 thousand who work in the capital`s bus transportation system.

The tribute was attended by Caio`s industrial director, Mauricio Lourenço da Cunha, SP Trans`s president Paulo Cézar Shingai, Caio`s Communication and Marketing manager, Tânia Pires de Souza, representatives of the operating companies, inspectors and drivers stood out in their activities during 2018. The professionals were chosen according to the criteria of the SPTrans Safe Journey Program, which evaluates the driver`s conduct in serving passengers and their commitment to safety and traffic rules. “It`s very interesting to see people`s reaction when they see me behind the wheel, even though the number of female drivers is increasing. I love my job and it is very special to be recognized for treating passengers with kindness and always being attentive to safety. I drive an Apache Vip Midi and I say that I take care of it as mine, how much I love the bus, ”says Transwolff driver Vanessa Marília de Souza, 16 years old.

The activity day at Caio started around 10:00A.M., with a welcome coffee and the company`s institutional presentation by the company`s Marketing department. Afterwards, those present, accompanied by the Occupational Safety team, made a visit to the factory and were able to verify some stages of the production process of a bus. “I am very excited, because I drive a Millennium and seeing the assembly of the body is exciting, it is beautiful,” says the driver of Sambaíba, Antonio Amaro dos Santos, who has 26 years of profession.

One of the surprises was the exhibition of some models of the brand, such as the Apache Vip and Millennium BRT Articulated city buses and the F2400 minibus in the executive version. After lunch, visitors could have access to “Mundo Caio”, with lectures from Marketing, Engineering, Quality and After Sales departments. “We can`t imagine how a bus is made, all the work until it arrives in the garage. How the bus has changed over the years is very interesting! ” explains the Express driver, José Antônio Ferraz, 69 years old, being 51 years dedicated to the profession.

During the farewell reception, all the participants were honored with a photo taken at the beginning of the visit ``It is a great pleasure for Caio to receive SPTrans which, like our company, appreciates the value of the employee. We recognize the importance of the driver for urban mobility and congratulate everyone on their day! ” concludes corporate communications and marketing manager, Tânia Pires de Souza.

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