Caio produces 132 urban buses with Caio Protec solutions for Angola

2020-11-06 The Asperbras Group acquired 132 buses, of the Apache Vip model, manufactured by Caio Induscar. The vehicles are part of the Project for Regular Urban Passenger Transportation (RUPT) from Angola, Africa.

All buses are fitted with a protection barrier for the driver and ticket revisor, an important item during the current sanitary crisis.

Caio, as a bus manufacturer, has made a commitment to the mobility market and created a set of fast solutions, called Caio Protect, in order to provide biological safety in the bus and which are easily applicable and affordable. The protection kit to isolate the driver and ticket revisor, made with glass components, it’s one of the solutions of Caio Protect that were included in the Apache VIP manufactured for the client.

The acquired vehicles come from Botucatu, where the Factory Unit of Caio is located, in the countryside of São Paulo, to Angola. The first batch of vehicles will be shipped in the beginning of November.

All units are 10.5 meters long, have front-boarding doors, and a total capacity for 65 passengers. They also have special seats reserved for people with limited mobility, special needs and the elderly, as well as retractable steps to facilitate access to the bus.

They are also fitted with items that provide for greater convenience and comfort to all, such as seats with cushion foams for the passengers, which are easier to clean, and hydraulic seats with headrests and lateral displacement for the driver.

For the security of its passengers during transportation, the buses are also equipped with folding doors that have electropneumatic activation and blockers, which avoid unexpected openings during the route.

The buses also have air-conditioning units, electronic itinerary, LED lighting, electromechanical turnstiles, and are prepared to be fitted with electronic ticketing system and a specific seat layout, which can be defined by the client together with Caio.

Caio, for more than 74 years, has offered to the world market products that are innovative, safe and of certifiable quality, providing operational advantages to its clients and satisfaction to the passengers of public transport.

To know more about the Caio brand, you can access the website:, Caio’s social networks through the handle @caioinduscaroficial, and in LinkedIn you can search for Caio Induscar Oficial.