Caio is a pioneer in the implantation of artificial intelligence to assist employees and family members in the prevention of Covid-19

2021-04-08 Humanized service is complemented by a platform that facilitates the reception of professionals with suspicion or positive for COVID-19.

For over a year, Caio and companies from the Group have maintained their commitment to collaborate with the prevention of COVID-19 in the Botucatu region, SP, through procedures implemented since the beginning of the pandemic.

One of the actions is the Covid Central of Grupo Caio, created in the beginning of the second half of 2020. It is an exclusive line of assistance to employees and their families, through WhatsApp. All questions and needs are answered by an internal team trained by professionals in the health area, who help anyone who gets in touch. “We understand that people with suspect of Covid or the disease are weakened and need to be protected. For this reason, our approach is done in an approximate way, so that the employee feels that he/she is not alone and that he/she can count on us ”, explain nurses Mara Silva Godoi de Lima and Kennedy Paulo Soares Comim.
The great novelty in the service is the inclusion of a platform to streamline this service, using the latest technology, a pioneering action by the Grupo, among companies in the region.

Alessandro Paschoal Francisco, IT Infrastructure Supervisor at Grupo Caio, technically explains the system`s functioning “Our team created an automatic service platform through WhatsApp, inside the environment of servers of the company, using virtual structures with integration made by technologies of integrated applications, ensuring the availability and monitoring of system resources”.

An avatar was created, “CAIO” that has humanized reactions and always answer in a nice manner with simple and informative language.

In practice, the system is programmed to respond immediately to incoming messages. Through artificial intelligence, it recognizes the words and searches its base of preprogrammed answers, the one that best suits the question.

All responses were developed based on data provided by professionals from the Medical Service of Grupo Caio, who provide care at Central Covid and monitor patients with suspicion or who have tested positive for the virus.

The platform was created to optimize the service, reducing the response time and facilitating the decision making by the medical team, since the option to talk to a professional of the team remains active. “The main objective is to rapidly serve the needs of our professionals. The concern is also to filter care for issues that really need the support of a professional, since our healthcare team has been working intensively since March 2020. The service remains humanized and is now much more agile”, says Silvânia Giandoni Coordinator of Social Service and Benefits of the Grupo Caio Induscar.

The industrial director, Maurício Lourenço da Cunha, emphasizes the importance of this action “It is a pride to be able to provide our employees and family with this type of service, which welcomes and solves their needs with agility. We will continue to follow each case closely, sending support materials such as the Covid Kit (with oximeter and thermometer), video with breathing exercises and e-book on food. Our focus is to care”.

About the actions of Grupo Caio during the pandemic
Internally, communications, informational videos, booklets, manuals, internal procedures, mandatory use of a mask, social distance, thermometer at the company entrance, hygiene in the environments, availability of rubbing alcohol, among others, are made. It maintains an Internal Committee, responsible for applying all the measures and obligations recommended by the health authorities.

Several donations were made to the community:
- 20 forehead thermometers (used in road blocks set by the City Hall);
- 300 N95 masks - for HC of Botucatu
- 15,000 protection masks - for the City Hall of Botucatu (donation to the population);
- Protection suits - Fire Department;
- Hiring of professionals for test verification - Caio, City Hall, and HC partnership;
- Equipment to speed up testing EXTRACTA96 - for HC of Botucatu.

Other information about Caio may also be obtained in the website:, in the social networks of @caioinduscaroficial and in the LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.

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