Caio introduces an upgrade of the F2400 microbus

2020-09-17 The F2400 microbus, introduced to the market in the second semester of 2017, is a sales success since its launch. The model follows the DNA of other Caio products, which add design, structural robustness, safety, easy maintenance and replacement of parts, with a cost that is affordable to the customer. Always looking to continually improve and innovate, the bus manufacturer conducted studies on the design of the F2400, which resulted in changes in the front panel of the vehicle, also called “facelift”, a term typically used in the automotive industry.

F2400 features

Available in the urban and business versions, F2400 maintained its aerodynamic and bold forms from the original design; however, the new front design is more aligned to the visual identity of Caio’s products, known for modern and sophisticated lines.

The lines, previously more rounded, were replaced by more marked angles and a geometric look, a trend in the current passenger vehicles. The wide visibility area that is allowed by the windshield was maintained, and it is enhanced by a new grid, with exclusive design and own manufacturing.

Prioritizing cost optimization and agility in the replacement of items, F2400 received a new optical set and elements that are interchangeable with other models from the brand, and a LED component with dual function: DRL (Daytime Running Lights) and turn lights.

Upgraded F2400 is already being delivered to Caio’s customer

The customer Nossa Senhora da Penha, who operates in Rio de Janeiro, is already receiving its 30 units of the upgraded F2400, acquired to compose its fleet. The investment in modern microbuses, such as the F2400, aims to attract passengers who require an agile and comfortable means of transport.

All vehicles are equipped with items that provide safety and convenience to the passengers, such as air conditioning, upholstered seats and electronic itineraries in strategic points of the body. They are fully accessible with lift and seats dedicated to people with disabilities (PcD), reduced mobility and senior citizens.

It Caio’s tradition to, for more than 74 years, offer to the market innovative products with certified quality, contributing to the development of collective transport and to the satisfaction of our customers and passengers.

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Caio Press Office
September 2020