2020-11-05 The Well-Being CHP Program aims to offers psychological support to its workers

The Caio Group internally promotes the Company Humanization Program (CHP), a pioneering initiative that provides social programs for the benefit of its workers and society. One of its projects is the Well-Being CHP, in activity for 16 years. The Program is completely free and exclusively aimed at workers who need psychiatric support (depression, panic disorder, social phobia, etc.). The workers are hosted by the Program and then sent for treatment.

Specially in 2020, a very atypical year in which everyone has suffered some sort of impact in their personal lives due to the pandemic, the Well-Being Program has been a place of support for its workers to take care of their mental health. “The manager must always pay attention to the behavior of their team. In case the manager notices some behavior changes in their personnel, such as people being more isolated, more irritated, less productive, being late for work or missing entire work days, the manager must try to talk to the worker to know what is going on and then immediately report it to the Social Services. This step is very important so that the treatment can begin as fast as possible”, this is the orientation given by the coordinator of Social Services and Benefits, Silvânia Giandoni.

The worker who participates in the Program receives treatment from a multidisciplinary team, that is comprised of: psychiatric appointments, medication, therapy with psychologists, support for the family, social support, work hours and activities that are more suitable to the worker. “The structure of the Well-Being CHP has a solid foundation and serves its workers in a complete manner in order to solve the causes of the disorder. Our greatest satisfaction is when the person is able to return to a happy life and their work activities with a recovered mental health”, says the director of HR, Maurício Lourenço da Cunha.

The Caio Group is committed to cooperate with the well-being of its workers, promoting physical and mental health through a set of internal actions.