A reference in public transport, Caio Induscar presents a new logo and visual identity

2020-01-22 The Grupo Caio Induscar [Caio Induscar Group] is constantly evolving. As a reflection and symbol of modernization, it presents the update of its logo and visual identity, which highlight its current values such as tradition, quality, resistance and trust, and reinforce new values: technology, innovation and global reference.

The Group`s new logo will also be used by the city bus manufacturer, Caio, from which the brand originated.

Adopted at the end of 2019, the new logo gained a more modern design. The typography went through minor aesthetic changes and the word INDUSCAR was removed. The ‘‘biscuit” still remains on the right side, with thicker lines and a minimalist concept.

The characteristics that make up the GC letters remain intact and the blue color gives way to gray (silver), which denotes elegance, composure, solidity and stability.

The highlight is the new 3D version, which alludes to metal, a symbol of innovation, technology, sophistication and global reference. In addition to emphasizing the modernization of the brand, the logo is also easy to apply in graphic and digital materials.

The implementation of the new logo and visual identity of the brand is being carried out gradually in the Group companies, in all products, graphic and digital materials, which identify Caio.

The Commercial Director, Mr. Paulo Ruas, reinforces that the change materializes the Group`s expansion. In addition to updating the brand logo, the evolution can also be seen in several actions: “We are leaders in the urban bus market and we are constantly growing. We acquired new companies in the industry, evolved in the optimization of processes, in our strategic planning, in the creation of new materials, technologies, and in improvements in the quality of our products. We also invest in the professional development of Caio Group employees”, he highlights.

Presentation to employees

The new logo and the visual identity of the brand were presented to employees of the Group`s companies through a communication campaign, under the theme “Path of Evolution”, with exhibitions, an event at the end of the year and a video with testimonials from employees, telling how Caio transformed their lives.

“The video is a representation of the relationship between the Caio brand and the bus, and how this partnership culminated in the evolution of the company, the Group, products and people. It is a way of thanking, paying tribute to everyone who has some connection and admiration for the brand”, emphasizes the Communication and Corporate Marketing Manager, Tânia Pires de Souza.

Access the video through Caio Induscar`s channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nkd8-xOfas

History of the brand logo

With this new update, the brand logo version comes in its fourth version.

The first was created in the 70s and used until 1999. It was composed by a symbol, popularly known as ‘‘biscuit’’ and the word CAIO, written in a robust typography, bringing with it all the strength that the brand would gain.

Logo elements: The first element is the circles that surround the ‘‘biscuit’’, both externally and internally, which demonstrate, in lines, the shape of a wheel.

The second element, formed by a line, a quarter of a circle in black, together with another line, half a circle in dark blue, forms the letter G (by Group). The third element, half circle in light blue, forms the letter C (by Caio). Together, they form the letters GC, which means Grupo Caio [Caio Group].

From the year 2000 onwards, the logo was replaced internally and at the stationery shops by a provisional one, representing a red body, with the word ``INDUSCAR`` in blue, the name given to the company taken over by a new group, from that time. However, the Caio logo with the ‘‘biscuit’’ continued and remained used on the bodies, representing the BRAND.

In 2004, the third logo was used. With the same design as the first version created in the 70`s, which started to have small aesthetic changes in its typography and ‘‘biscuit’’, being added below the word CAIO the word INDUSCAR. With this change, the meaning became: CAIO (brand) and INDUSCAR (company that manufactures bodies of that brand).

About Grupo Caio

Currently Caio Induscar has sales representative offices throughout Brazil and abroad, a central office in the city of São Paulo and two industrial parks, one with headquarters in the city of Botucatu and a branch in Barra Bonita, both in the countryside of São Paulo, with total production capacity of 50 bodies per day, in the two plants.

The Caio Induscar Group brings together the companies: Busscar, one of the most respected brands in the production of road buses in the country; CPA (Aluminum Processing Center); Fiberbus (Manufacturer of Fiber Parts); GR3 (Aluminum Distribution Center); Inbrasp (Manufacturer of Automotive Plastic Parts) with two plants, one in Botucatu, SP, and the other in Betim, MG; Tecglass (manufacturer of tempered glass).

To learn more about the Caio brand, visit the website: http://www.caio.com.br or the social networks @caioinduscaroficial and LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.