58 VIP units from Caio arrive in Ribeirão Preto, SP

2018-10-30 Fifty-eight units of the Apache VIP urban buses are being delivered to the city of Ribeirão Preto, acquired by the companies Transcorp, Ribe Transporte and Viação Rápido D`Oeste.

The acquisition of new buses, with great durability, was made to meet the municipal and intermunicipal transportation system of the City and Region, which grows and develops every day, providing safety and comfort to the passengers.

Located in the Northeast of the State, Ribeirão Preto is located 313 km from the capital. According to the IBGE, this year its population was estimated at 694,534 inhabitants. The city is among the 30 largest Brazilian municipalities.

About the Apache VIP model
Leader of the national market, the Apache Vip model is the result of more than 72 years of Caio brand expertise, a specialist in bringing innovative transportation solutions that combine high durability, technology and robustness, ease of maintenance and optimization in the replacement of parts.

All units acquired by the companies of Ribeirão Preto have 100% accessibility, with automatic elevator and seats for people with disabilities (PcD), reduced mobility and elderly.

The buses also include items that provide greater comfort during the trips, as much for the driver, such as hydraulic armchair with side shift and high backrest, door objects and footrest (rest for the feet), as for passengers, with fully upholstered injected armchairs and USB jacks.

Appreciated for the safety of passengers during transportation, the cars are also equipped with bellow type doors, pneumatically operated and original chassis door blockers, which prevent unexpected opening during the journey.

What has moved the Caio brand for more than seven decades, is producing bodies that promote well-being to the users. Collaborating for the development of the Public Transportation System, meeting the needs of each client, is part of the company`s mission.