2024-05-20 The Transporte Coletivo Cidade Canção, a part of the Comporte Group, is receiving 19 units of the urban bus Apache Vip from the Caio brand to incorporate into its fleet, which already comprises 30 units of the same model in operation, acquired in 2023. These new buses will be put into operation in Maringá, located in the state of Paraná.
Maringá is renowned for its urban planning, characterized by wide avenues, extensive green areas, and an excellent quality of life, attracting both residents and tourists. Moreover, as a regional hub encompassing over 100 cities, Maringá stands out in the state and country for its high-quality urban infrastructure.
Jocemário Dartora, the sales representative, highlights that an additional 40 Apache Vip buses are scheduled for delivery to Transporte Coletivo Cidade Canção in July, further solidifying the partnership between Caio and the company.
``The expansion of Transporte Coletivo Cidade Canção’s bus fleet, with Caio branded buses, contributes to the improvement of public transportation in Maringá, facilitating passenger mobility and strengthening the city`s reputation as a model of urban planning and sustainability,`` emphasizes the representative.

About the acquired buses
The units are of the Apache Vip model, from the fifth generation Caio, measuring 12.700 meters in length, with a total capacity for 87 passengers, and are built on OF-1721/59 chassis (Mercedes-Benz), featuring Euro VI technology.
The vehicles feature front boarding and three accordion-type doors, pneumatically operated with blockers, preventing unexpected opening during the journey.
Aiming to ensure accessibility to urban transportation, all buses are equipped with a semi-automatic lift on the right side of the body, as well as seats designated for persons with disabilities (PwD), reduced mobility, and seniors, and two exclusive spaces for wheelchair users or individuals with visual impairments, accompanied by guide dogs.
Prioritizing passenger comfort during journeys, the units feature upholstered seats, windows with movable glass, smoked barriers to solar effects, and spacious interiors.
On-board technology items are found in the buses, preparing for the installation of micro-cameras, electromechanical turnstiles, and validators.
The vehicles are equipped with two LED electronic itineraries, installed at strategic points on the bodies, which contribute to better line visibility. They also feature LED lighting on the steps, facilitating visibility for users during boarding or alighting, especially during nighttime periods.
Further information about Caio can be obtained on the website:, and on social media @caioinduscaroficial.
Caio Group`s Press Office | May 2024