Companies from Rio de Janeiro confirm orders for the new generation of Apache VIP, Caio brand

2021-07-19 The fifth generation of Apache VIP was introduced to the market two weeks ago, and already has received purchase orders. Customers of Rio de Janeiro were some of the first to confirm the upgraded model acquisition. The new generation has the traditional qualities of the brand`s products, which in 2021 celebrates the 75th anniversary, and the new attributes that follow the evolution of public transport of passengers by bus.

More than 30 units of Apache VIP Generation V will be aimed at companies
Auto Viação 1001, Transportes Flores, Viação Nossa Senhora do Amparo, Viação Nossa Senhora da Penha e Viação Pendotiba.

“The new Apache VIP meets the needs of our customers, who aim to provide passengers with increasingly modern, safe and comfortable transport. Therefore, numerous studies are carried out so that our sales leader continues to fulfill the mission of making a difference with quality, surpassing expectations”, emphasizes the commercial and marketing director, Paulo Ruas.

The new Apache VIP solution set combines design, use of new materials and functionality, with redesigned items to offer even more durability, ease maintenance and economy.

“We can advance details of some orders. They will have items that provide 100% accessibility to passengers and on-board technology components, enabling travel agility and safety, as well as comfort and practicality for users”, explains Maria Tereza Oliveira Ferreira, regional sales manager of Rio de Janeiro.

The new Apache VIP painting layout produced for Viação Nossa Senhora da Penha is a news that was created by designer Jorge Andrade, aiming to translate in the colors and shapes all the company`s modernity and evolution. Apache VIP Generation V will be the first model in the fleet to receive the new identity.

Maria Tereza adds that soon that passengers of Rio de Janeiro will see all the news on the Apache VIP, a contribution to urban mobility that is intelligent and modern.

“The new model was designed to reduce costs and optimize maintenance, resulting in benefits for the client and transport fluidity for millions of users”, details the design manager, Roberto Barduco.

Other information about the Caio brand may also be obtained in the website:, in the social networks @caioinduscaroficial and on LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.

Caio Group Press Office
July 2020