Arrival of a new batch of Caio buses for Angola, marks the export of 450 units to the African country

2022-04-19 Angola, a country located in Central Africa, can already be considered one of Caio`s biggest overseas clients. With the arrival of the last batch, with 45 units of the Apache VIP model bus, a total of 450 Caio vehicles have been delivered to the Angolan public transportation system.

Klaus Von Winckler, who is part of Caio`s team of representatives for the external market, explains: ``This batch, which completes an order of 99 units for the customer, landed in the second half of March. At this stage, the vehicles are being prepared for delivery to the public transportation operator, so that they can start operating.

Responsible for a representation of Volkswagen do Brasil dealerships in Angola, the Asperbras Group is responsible for bus sales, PDI, and preparing vehicles for the installation of items in the body. Some of these components, such as e-ticketing and fleet control, are managed by Pait consultoria.

Like the other buses in the order, the new batch is part of the Regular Urban Passenger Transport Project (TURP).
Ivo Marco Belucci, Caio`s export manager, adds, ``We recently received very positive feedback from the client, who praised the performance of the Apache VIP in operation. It is a great incentive for us to continue offering more and more, the best to our business partners.

About Apache VIP

With a length of 10.50 meters, front boarding, and a total capacity for 74 passengers, the Apache VIP generation four are equipped with air conditioning and tinted windows to provide thermal comfort during trips.

To facilitate passenger entry and exit, all units are equipped with a retractable step. Seats reserved for people with reduced mobility, PcD, and the elderly complement the care taken with accessibility.

The passenger seats are ergonomic, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. Prizing safety during transportation, the Apache VIP has bellows-type doors with electro-pneumatic actuation and locks, which prevent unexpected opening during the trip. Anti-avoidance screens have been installed near the turnstile, next to the collector. All buses have protection barriers against coronavirus, for drivers and conductors, an important item to maintain biosecurity.

LED lighting, electromechanical turnstiles, and preparation for an electronic ticketing system complement the differentials of the vehicles. Electronic itineraries, also in LED amber, were installed in several points of the body, so that passengers have better visibility of the itinerary.

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Caio Group Press Office | April 2022