Micro Buses
Length:  7.100 a 9.000
Width (Ext):   2.400
Height (Ext):     2.950 a 3.100
Height (Int):     2.000
• Windblocker and baluster in steel pipes encapsulated in PVC
• 3 point retractable seabelt for driver
• Windshield demister with cold air
• DRL (daytime running light)
• LED internal lighting
• Eletronic itinerary
• Side windows with movable glass, affixed with rubber
• Bipartite windshield with transparent laminated glass
• Aluminum floor plate
• Hydraulic driver seat
• Semi-upholstered passenger seat, coated in vinyl
• Pneumatically triggered folding doors
• Transparent rear window, affixed with rubber
• Air conditioning
• Windshield demister with cold air and hot air
• Fog light
• Side windows with bonded glass
• Bipartite front windshield with green laminated glass
• Seamless windshield with transparent and green laminated glass
• Inverted coated aluminum floor seat
• Injected and upholstered passenger seat
• Fixed tourist passenger seat
• Smoked rear window, affixed with rubber
• Closed rear window
And others


• Modern and innovative design, coupled with the low maintenance cost and robustness of bodywork

• Rear lamps in LED blocks and interchangeable, where the same part can be used on the right or left side, improving the replacement and maintenance

• Optical front se with DRL (daytime running light) and LED arrows. Its components are interchangeable with other Caio models, prioritizing the best cost-benefit ratio in case of replacement.

• Front bumper with wide air intake, providing better cooling and engine performance. It can be tripartite for easy maintenance.

• Wide front grille with easy acess for maintenance, with built – in helical spring, making handling easir.


• Single piece panel base (lower sides, floor and panel base), improving insulation against entrance of dirt and noise, providing thermo acoustic comfort, making cleaning the region easer.

• Power station built into the panel, with easy access for maintenance

• Locked object door, in the upper part of the cabin, with air outlet for the driver.

• New door box built into the air duct

• Dashboard: distribution of the controls, allowing easy access to operations.