School Buses
Length:  até 8.970
Width (Ext):   2.200
Height (Ext):     2.850
Height (Int):     1.900
• Windblocker and baluster in steel pipes encapsulated in PVC
• 3 point retractable seabelt
• Windshield demister with cold air
• Front eletronic itinerary
• Side windows with movable glass, affixed with rubber
• Bipartite windshield with transparent laminated glass
• Aluminum floor plate
• Hydraulic driver seat
• Injected passenger seat
• Pneumatically triggered folding doors
• Transparent rear window, affixed with rubber
• Air conditioning
• Side windows with glued glass
• Windshield demister with cold air and hot air
• Eletronic auxiliary itinerary
• Bipartite windshield with green laminated glass, affixed with rubber
• Green seamless windshield (ORE)
• Floor wrougth aluminum plating, PVC - covered
• Windshield demister with hot air and cold air (ORE)
• Passenger seats (Fully Upholstered Seat) - 1000 with foot support and notebook door (ORE)
• Loudspeakers – 06 units (ORE)
• Door with electric activation and anti-crushing system (ORE)
• Direction Light (ORE)
• Sedan door (ORE)
• Tubular parcel shelve (ORE)
• Micro camera (ORE)
• Mudguards behind the wheels (ORE)
• Front and rear trailer hitch (ORE)
• Retractable rear bumper
• Closed rear window (ORE)
• Wheelchair lift (ORE until 2017)
• Wheelchair elevator 
• Mobile Seat Device – DPM
and others


• Moddern and innovative design, coupled with low maintenance cost and robustness of bodywork.

• Tripartite rear bumper, making it easy to replace and maintain.

• Modular interchangeable LED lanterns, where the same part can be used on the right or left side, making it easy to replace and maintain.

• Wide front grille with easy access for maintenance


• Uses self-made armchairs developed from various ergonomics studies offering greater passenger comfort and safety.

• Developed with the objective of total utilization of the area, it facilitates accessibility for passengers and drivers.

• Instrument panel, with new distribution of bodywork controls, for better access to operations.

• Internal LED lighting.