2024-06-11 The company Viação Estevam Transporte & Turismo Ltda, a long-standing Caio company customer, is expanding its fleet with 11 more Apache Vip busesof the brand, country`s best-selling model.

The vehicles being delivered will operate in public transport in the municipalities of Pilar do Sul, Itapetininga and Porangaba in the state of São Paulo.

The sales representative in the region, Antônio Sacomani, points out that the new acquisitions reinforce Viação Estevam`s confidence in Caio products “Caio seeks to offer its customers differentiated, quality products, contributing to a safe, comfortable and accessible public transport for all”.

Haraldo Garcia Estevam and Virgínia Maria Vieira da Costa, owners of Viação Estevam, point out that their partnership with the Caio brand goes back a long way. ``With the acquisition of these 11 Apache Vip units, almost 90% of our fleet will be Caio products.”

About the buses
All the buses were built on Volkswagen chassis, with Euro VI technology, adopted in the country to reduce pollutant emissions. They are 100% accessible, equipped with elevators, seats for people with disabilities (PwD), reduced mobility and the elderly.

With passenger safety in mind, they have bellows-type doors, with pneumatic drive and locks, which prevent them from opening unexpectedly during the journey. The seats are fully upholstered and covered in easy-to-clean material, ensuring comfort.

The vehicles also have LED lighting in the saloon and door boxes, making it easier for passengers to board or disembark at night.

They are also equipped with a Wi-Fi system and make it possible to recharge mobile devices using USB sockets.

The vehicles have special features to meet the requirements of the governing bodies. Below are the specific configurations for each version.

Apache Vip (pink color)
Five units were purchased with a length of 11,285 mm, chassis 15-210 - OD Euro IV and total capacity for 73 people.

They have two doors, front boarding, front LED electronic Display, electromechanical turnstiles and preparation for the installation of validators.

Apache Vip (white color)
The fleet was equipped with 4 bodies on 17-230 OD - Euro IV chassis, 12,745 mm long and with total capacity for 84 people.

They have three doors and front boarding. They also have a front LED electronic Display, electromechanical turnstiles and preparation for the installation of validators.

Apache Vip school (pink and yellow)
Two school buses have been added, with a 15-210 OD - Euro IV chassis, 11,315 mm long and total capacity for 70 people.

They have two doors, with front boarding and on-board technologies such as a Led monitor installed on the driver`s dashboard and a micro reversing camera installed in the upper rear external dome.

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Caio Group`s Press Office | May 2024