2024-05-28 Viação São Geraldo Sacramento Ltda and Transportes Líder Ltda have recently bolstered their fleets, reaffirming their partnership with the Caio brand.

A total of 29 new urban buses from the Apache Vip Caio model are being delivered: 21 units to Viação São Geraldo Sacramento and 8 units to Transportes Líder.

These buses will serve the public transport system in the municipality of Uberaba, in Minas Gerais. The city of approximately 340,000 residents is located in the Minas Gerais triangle and plays a significant role in the agricultural sector.

Regional sales representative Reginaldo Carvalho highlights that these acquisitions demonstrate the companies` confidence in Caio`s quality and performance, as both already have other Caio buses in their fleets.

``Caio is a key player in the traditional urban mobility market, committed to providing passengers with safe, efficient, and comfortable transportation,`` says Reginaldo.

About Apache VIP
The newly acquired Apache Vip buses are fifth-generation models, each 11,300 meters long, with a total capacity of 69 people. The units` bodies were assembled on Mercedes-Benz OF-1619/52 chassis with Euro VI technology, adopted in the country to reduce pollutant emissions.

Designed with ergonomics and accessibility in mind, the buses feature upholstered seats and reserved seating for people with disabilities, reduced mobility, and the elderly. They also include two dedicated spaces for wheelchair users or visually impaired passengers with guide dogs, and a semi-automatic lifting platform on the right side.

All the vehicles feature ample interior space smoke-tinted glass windows, providing protection against solar effects. To ensure user safety, the doors are pneumatically operated and lockable. Additionally, each vehicle is equipped with three doors and facilitates front boarding.

The buses are also fitted with two electronic LED signs, strategically positioned on the exterior, enhancing route visibility for passengers.

Further information about Caio can be obtained on the website: http://www.caio.com.br, and on social media @caioinduscaroficial.

Caio Group`s Press Office | May 2024