Transwolff acquires nine Caio 100% electric Millennium city buses

2019-09-05 The South Zone lines of the state capital, which are operated by the company Transwolff, will now have nine units of the 100% electric Millennium bus, produced by Caio Induscar, the largest city bus builder in the country.

The operator always strives to improve to offer differentiated services, with modern products that meet the needs of passengers.

In addition to offering innovative and quality products to the mass transit market for over 73 years, Caio has been concerned about mobility in general, as well as providing vehicles that use different propulsion and clean energy, such as electric, resulting in zero emission of pollutants and reducing impacts on the environment through partnerships.

The buses have batteries that have autonomy of, on average, 250 km, and capacity to reverse the kinetic energy into electric energy at braking times, being used to power the vehicle.

With 12,945 meters in length, three access doors and a total capacity for 81 people, the electric Millennium buses are low floor versions and have seats for people with disabilities, reduced mobility and the elderly.

The buses are also equipped with USB outlets, air conditioning, Wi-Fi internet access preparation, camera monitoring and Led electronic routes.

They also have a multiplex system, which identifies possible faults in the operational and electrical part of the vehicles.

The units feature items that provide passengers with more convenience and comfort while traveling, such as fully upholstered seats and barriers to the solar effects with tinted glass.

All vehicles purchased follow the requirements of SPTrans, the capital`s system manager, and are part of the pilot project of energy generation of the City of São Paulo. They will be loaded at supply points installed by BYD in Transwollf`s garage in the south of the city.

More about Transwolff

The partnership between the operator and Caio is a longstanding one. Transwolff`s fleet is made up of 1,200 vehicles, 60% of which are Caio brand, Apache Vip model all equipped with air conditioning, and 12 of the Millennium 100% electric version.

Caio, like its customers, always seeks to innovate and improve its products to meet city mobility services with quality, comfort and safety.