The first 5th-generation Apache VIP units are delivered to Auto Viação 1001, in Rio de Janeiro

2021-08-26 Auto Viação 1001, one of the most traditional Caio clients, has received the first few of a total of sixteen 5th-generation Apache VIP units.

Operating for over 70 years, Auto Viação 1001 is part of the Grupo JCA, a Brazilian holding company formed by (urban and road) passenger transportation, logistics, and freight companies.

With a focus on innovation, quality and safety, the company was one of the first customers from Rio de Janeiro to confirm purchase of the upgraded model of the best-selling urban bus in Brazil, the Apache VIP.

“Caio is a partner of Grupo JCA and shares with us the purpose of providing clients with the best experience when it comes to commuting, mobility, safety, comfort and technology. In addition, as a holding company, we are always concerned about renewing our fleet in order to improve our services. Even in this challenging period we are going through, with so many uncertainties, we are reinforcing our commitment to our customers and to society. The 5th-generation Apache VIP is an answer to our demands, it allows faster trips and practicality to the users”, highlights Gustavo Rodrigues, Grupo JCA managing director.

The vehicles were produced according to the regulatory norms and should come into operation in September 2021, providing passengers with the most modern technology in the segment of collective transport of passengers by bus.

About Apache VIP

The 5th-generation Apache VIP were selected for aggregating a new set of solutions that combine design, the use of new materials and functionalities, with items redesigned to offer even more durability, ease of maintenance, and economy.

They are 12,735 mm long and have a total capacity of 83 people, and are fully accessible, equipped with elevators built into the body (safer and more durable) and seats intended for people with disabilities, reduced mobility, and the elderly.

Passenger safety is guaranteed by items such as the multiplex system, which helps the driver to identify operational and electrical faults in the vehicle; and the Numeric Speed Panel system, which informs if the set limit is exceeded. Cameras installed on the inside and outside of the buses monitor the entire operation time.

For more comfort, the larger internal lounge is air-conditioned, has tinted glass with barriers against solar effects, and ergonomic seats upholstered with easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain materials. It also features USB outlets, for recharging mobile devices, which can be easily accessed by passengers in all seats. LED electronic itineraries were installed in different points of the body, providing better visibility of the lines.

The air intake system was positioned in a higher location, avoiding damage to the vehicle`s engine in case of flooding. All the units produced for the client were prepared for the installation of installation of electromechanical turnstile and electronic validator.

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Caio Press Office
August 2021