The Caio Brand celebrates 73 years and is featured as a reference in the segment

2019-01-22 A brand focused on innovation, impacting the market with cutting-edge products and dictating trends in the segment: Caio, who turns 73, stands out as one of the largest bus manufacturers on a global level.

In December 1945, two enthusiasts and entrepreneurs signed the contract to officially open the Caio coach builder - American Industrial Bus Company, and in January 1946, operations began with the production of the first bus: the Jardineira.

In 2001, the industrial park and the Caio brand were taken over by a new group: Caio Induscar, which in January completes 18 years, with a victorious trajectory.

Currently the company has sales representative offices all over Brazil and abroad, a head office in the city of São Paulo and two manufacturing parks, based in the city of Botucatu and a branch in Barra Bonita, both in the interior of São Paulo, with a productive capacity of 50 coaches per day in both plants. The Botucatu unit has the workforce of about 3,200 employees and is one of the largest job generators in the region. In 2018 alone, 842 employees were hired which, together with other Group companies, resulted in 1,285 new jobs generated.

The bus manufacturer Caio Induscar offers numerous benefits to employees as well as investing in social actions carried out internally, such as the Company Humanization Program (PHE), thus meeting various social and environmental needs such as professional valuation, treatment and psychological monitoring of employees , recycling awareness among others. There are also projects that include the qualification of professionals, in partnership with institutions.

Caio believes that the tradition of its 73-year history must be the driving force for transforming the future with innovation and setting market trends. Therefore, resources are invested in studies related to the application of new materials for the coach, without impacting the structural robustness of the products which are currently produced and approved by means of structural calculations and resistance tests. Technical surveys are also periodically conducted to identify other possible opportunities for improvement.

The manufacturer is featured in the country in the production of buses for the trolleybus system, which have undergone modernizations as well as hybrid vehicles (combustion and electricity) and also 100% electric.

The complete branded product portfolio combined with the mix of solutions and differentiated service, give Caio the status of one of the most relevant brands in the market. Through the quality of its products and services, it has expanded its operations in the segment and achieved significant sales in the domestic and foreign markets.

The latest data confirms this reality: The brand closed another year as a leader in the urban segment, with a share of 51% in 2018 and in 2017, with around 60%. It also achieved significant export growth, with a share increase of 13% in 2017, to 18% in 2018. From its birth, the brand repeats the title of leader in the production of urban vehicles in the country every year.

Tradition, quality and reliability mark these 73 years of Caio`s trajectory, which has one more reason to celebrate: in 2019, the Apache VIP bus, which is in its fourth generation, completes 18 years since launch, as the brand`s leading urban sales model.

The bus manufacturer Caio also gives name to a solid Group: the Caio Induscar Group, which currently gathers the following companies: CPA (Aluminum Processing Center); Fiberbus (manufacturer of fiber parts); GR3 (aluminum distribution center); Inbrasp (manufacturer of automotive plastic parts) with two manufacturing plants, one in Botucatu, SP, and another in Betim, MG; Tecglass (tempered glass manufacturer). The most recent investment of the Group is Busscar, one of the most respected brands in the production of highway buses in the country.

With a strong management that values excellence in quality and the constant search to offer to the market solutions in intelligent mobility, Caio follows the streets and roads, facilitating the transportation of millions of users from Brazil and the world.