Rio de Janeiro, companies renew fleet with 300 Caio Apache Vip units

2018-11-06 Rio de Janeiro is receiving new buses, ensuring even more modern, safe and quality transportation, as well as bringing new color to the streets of the city. Companies operating in the city have acquired 300 units of the urban Apache Vip, the leading bus seller of Caio Induscar and the country. The model was chosen for combining high durability, technology and robustness, ease of maintenance and optimization in spare parts, as well as comfort and safety to passengers.

The city of Rio de Janeiro has approximately 7 million inhabitants, has the second largest GDP in Brazil and is considered one of the main economic, cultural and financial centers of the country. Known as the ``marvelous city``, it has a great demand for public transportation users being mostly residents of the city and tourists. According to Embratur, that amounts to more than 7 million a year.

To meet this growing demand, a TAC (Conduct adjustment agreement) was signed, between the City Hall and Rio Ônibus, a union that represents the companies that operate in the city. Among the specifications is the renewal of the fleet until 2020, with buses that have technology and safety items. In addition to the change of visual standardization, in which each company is represented by a different color, facilitating the identification of the line by the passengers at the bus stops.

Apache Vip was the star of the official presentation of the new urban transport concept of the city of Rio de Janeiro, in an event held by the City Hall, at the beginning of the second semester. More than 90% of the new fleet are made by Caio.

About the Apache VIP model

The 300 units of Apache Vip, some already delivered and others in production, add to the transport of Rio de Janeiro what is most modern in the segment of public passenger transport.
The buses are air conditioned; embedded technology items such as USB chargers in each seat, and wi-fi system; ergonomic armchairs and LED lamps on all bus body lighting items. Lift and seats for people with disabilities (PCD), reduced mobility and elderly, guarantee accessibility.
Focused on constant quality and innovation, Caio has been contributing for more than 72 years to the development of the Transportation System, meeting the needs of customers and passengers with products that make a difference in the segment.