Renovation of Chile`s bus system will feature 148 units of Mondego, of Caio Induscar

2018-12-19 Surrounded by Andes mountain range, the city of Santiago, the capital of Chile, is considered one of the most charming and visited places in Latin America. With the aim of renovating and expanding the city`s transportation system, the Chilean company Buses Vule acquired 148 units of the Mondego, a rear-engined vehicle developed exclusively for the urban segment of the foreign market, of the Caio brand.

All vehicles headed to Chile, the traditional market of the Caio products, will be assembled on a Mercedes-Benz chassis and equipped with Euro 6 technology, which ensures a great reduction in the emission of polluting gases and noise.

They will operate in the Transantiago transport system which, with this renewal in the metropolitan fleet, intends to contribute even more to the mobility of the eight million people who live in the city, offering comfort and quality to the passengers.

The expectation is that by the end of 2018, approximately 92 buses will be delivered to the Chilean capital and the rest in 2019. The vehicles will depart from Botucatu, in the interior of São Paulo, towards Santiago, in a journey of approximately 10 to 15 days.

About Mondego

All units purchased have a total length of 12,505 mm and capacity to carry 30 seated passengers, including seats for people with disabilities (PCD), reduced mobility and senior citizens, with a capacity of 97 passengers.

Fully accessible, the model also has ramps to facilitate access for people with special needs and space to accommodate wheelchairs. One of the differentials of the bus is the guardrail, for the fixing of the wheelchair, which also has an armchair with retractable seat, which is receded when the space is being used by a wheelchair user. If there is no wheelchair user on the bus, this seat can be used as an extra seat in the vehicle.

The vehicles have a light and sturdy structure, the result of studies and an improvement project, which took about two years of development, allowing a greater number of passengers, according to Chilean standards.
Another differential of the model, are the two ceilings, united by a structure, reducing the internal height and making the visual more harmonic.

With the intention of bringing together technology with low maintenance costs, the vehicles include LED lighting in the internal and external parts, which increases luminosity, and has greater durability. The interior lighting brings more visual comfort and coziness to the passengers, as well as improving the view of the steps from the first to the second floor of the vehicle, providing more security for those who transit inside.

On the outside, the electronic itineraries improve the passengers` visual contact, allowing greater visualization of the lines and destinations that the vehicles operate.

All the units include wireless stop request, air conditioning and USB sockets, to recharge smartphones and other electronics. The models also have items that bring greater technology such as fleet management systems, camera and speaker monitoring, to make the internal sound.

Appreciating the comfort of all, the model also includes semi cushioned injected armchairs for the passengers, besides barriers to the solar effects of the glasses in smoked coloring, with the aim of thermal comfort. For drivers, it offers an armchair with a high backrest and a pneumatic cushioning system, with height adjustment by means of a button on the panel.

The cars are also equipped with bellows doors, with electro-pneumatic activation, ante crush system and original chassis door blockers, which prevent unexpected opening during the journey, giving passengers greater security.

For more than 72 years, Caio Induscar has invested in the development of products of excellence, with the intention of collaborating with the Public Transport System and tending to the needs of customers of different countries with quality, technology and innovation.