Pernambuco company renews fleet with 72 units of the Caio Apache Vip

2019-02-18 Itamaracá Transportes acquired seventy-two Apache Vips, a front-engine urban bus from Caio Induscar, the country`s largest bus manufacturer.

The vehicles are part of the renewal of the Itamaracá fleet, which is part of Conorte - Consórcio Norte, responsible for Lot 01 of the Public Passenger Transportation System of the Metropolitan Region of Recife, managed by the GRCT - Greater Recife Consortium of Transportation.

The acquisition of the new vehicles, which are recognized for their quality and durability, will meet the demand of the company from Pernambuco, which has been operating for more than 50 years in the Public Transportation System while transporting more than 180 thousand passengers daily through several lines.

About the Apache VIP model

The best-selling urban bus in the country, it has a front engine and has a modern design and robust body, as well as easy access to maintenance components.

With 12.6 meters in length and three access doors, the model has a capacity for 36 seated passengers and total capacity of 78 people. All vehicles are 100% accessible, with lifts at the central door and seats for people with disabilities (PcD), reduced mobility and elderly.

The units also have items that provide thermal comfort to the passengers, benefited with a barrier to the solar effects of the tinted glass.

With regard to passenger safety during transport, buses are equipped with pneumatic-type, air-operated doors and door interlocks, which prevent unexpected openings during the journey.

All buses have a wireless request stop, electronic navigation in led, items for fleet management system and monitoring with 4 filming cameras.

The quality and tradition of the brand for more than 73 years are factors that contribute to the companies renewing the fleet with Caio products.