2024-01-25 Caio, a bus manufacturer, has produced 35 units of the Apache Vip model for Trans Oeste Transporte Urbanos, which operates in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais.

Trans Oeste is part of Consórcio Dez and operates feeder lines in the Barreiro region.

Fabiano Borges, manager of Trans Oeste, emphasizes the benefits of acquiring a fleet of zero km buses, showing the recovery of the segment, ``We went through difficult times, as we were quite impacted by the pandemic. In addition to the drastic reduction in the number of passengers, there was no fare adjustment and we lost a qualified workforce. Now, we are pleased to announce to the population that, due to the predictability of revenue that the subsidy offers, we have been able to acquire more modern, safe, very comfortable buses with low maintenance needs, which keeps the lines running at full capacity.``

The chassis on which the Apache Vip was built meet the Proconve P8/EURO VI gas emission reduction standard. They also have full-air suspension which, among other attributes, absorbs impacts better and promotes greater control of the vehicle`s load distribution, ensuring safety, comfort and stability during the operation.

About the Apache Vip produced
The buses are 12,570 mm long, have a total capacity of 70 people and rely on front boarding via a folding door.

Apache Vip cars offer full accessibility, are equipped with elevators and seats for people with disability (PwD), reduced mobility and the elderly, as well as a box for wheelchair users and visually impaired people accompanied by a guide dog.

They also have a wireless stop request, five LED electronic itineraries and on-board technology items such as a Multiplex system, micro cameras, an electromechanical turnstile and an electronic validator.

All the units rely on components that promote more comfort and convenience, such as fully upholstered seats, air conditioning and tinted windows with barriers against the sun`s effects.

More information about Caio can also be found on the website: http://www.caio.com.br and on the social media @caioinduscaroficial.

Grupo Caio Press Office - January 2024.