New items from the Caio Protect solution set are presented to the market

2020-10-21 Caio Protect`s novelties bring solutions that combine protection from viruses and bacteria, with the usability and internal design of the preserved buses.

Bus manufacturer Caio, through its Caio Innovation and Special Products team - OniPlus, reaffirms its commitment to presenting solutions that meet the needs of the market and society, especially at this time when biosafety is essential.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the company has provided to its customers biosecurity items in the program called Caio Protect. “The macro objective is to offer products that are easy and quick to apply to buses, combined with an affordable cost and the guarantee of protection against viruses and bacteria. This set of solutions includes the bus manufacturers Caio and Busscar, brands engaged in making both urban and road collective mobility safer and more reliable”, says the Group`s commercial director, Paulo Ruas.

New Caio Protect items

The novelty now are items that make up the inner hall of the buses, with high antiviral and antimicrobial performance.

How was the antiviral action of these items designed?

Balusters, armrests, armchairs, claws and materials encapsulated in PVC, receive an additive during the manufacturing process, which gives each of them the antiviral property, without changing the design, appearance (texture), durability, cleanliness and maintenance of these items.

How was the antiviral efficacy of these items proven?

The effectiveness was proven through an in vitro study of antiviral activity, carried out by a laboratory certified according to ISO 21702:2019, a standard that refers to the measurement of antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.
The materials were subjected to tests with viruses from the same family as Sars-CoV-2, with an RNA genome belonging to the Coronaviridae family, in which viral activities were quantified in samples with and without the antiviral additive.

What is the result of these studies?

The report resulting from the tests carried out in accordance with ISO 21702: 2019, proves the 99.9% reduction in viral particles in the materials produced with the antiviral additive. “The drastic reduction in viral activity demonstrates that these materials are highly efficient in fighting viruses and bacteria. The fact that the tests were carried out with viruses from the same family as Sars-CoV-2, testifies that our materials are suitable for everyday use, contributing to the biological safety of thousands of passengers who use the bus as a priority means of transportation”, explains Rafael Ting Sun Guimarães, Caio`s product engineer.

More about Caio Protect

Caio Protect was designed through studies carried out since the beginning of the pandemic, with a focus on the development of materials and technical solutions that meet the new global need. “Especially for Caio and Busscar, research and partnerships with universities were aimed at mitigating the spread of viruses, bacteria and fungi in the internal environment of the buses”, details Paulo Ruas, the Group`s commercial director.

The set of Caio Protect solutions already makes the following biosafety items available to the market:
- Antiviral fabric: used in areas that may have contact with users, it was developed with AMINI® VIRUS-BAC OFF Polyamide thread, inactivating viruses and bacteria that come into contact with the material. The effect of the antiviral action is permanent (throughout the life of the tissue). The material is available in Kaleidos Gray, Blue and Blue/Yellow prints;
- Driver`s cabin protection kit, collector`s cabin and passengers who are at risk group: the protection makes direct contact with other passengers difficult and can be installed in vehicles in operation. The Protection Solution Kit is easy to clean and maintain;
- Seat signage identified in vinyl or silk: promotes adequate social distance through colors that identify seats that may or may not be used, quickly and at an affordable cost;
- Temperature gauge: with a short response time, the sensor indicates by audible alert whether or not the passenger has a non-standard temperature. Without contact, it keeps a safe distance from other passengers;
- Hand sanitizer: with proximity sensor and adjustable flow rate, the item has automatic activation and capacity for 700 ml of gel alcohol. Also available in manual version (dispenser);
- Air purifier (photoelectric plasma): purified air, which keeps the occupants of the bus interior, free from harmful agents such as microbes, odors and contamination.

For more information about Caio Protect, visit the website, in the product tab. To learn more about Caio, please visit the website:, on the social networks @caioinduscaroficial and on LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.