More than 100 units of the Caio Induscar F2400, school version, are delivered to meet the municipalities of the interior of São Paulo

2018-12-07 The morning of this Friday, December 7, was special for the 102 cities of the interior of São Paulo, which were given zero km school buses of the `` Caminho da Escola Program ``, created by the National Fund for the Development of Education (FNDE), with the objective of standardizing, renewing and expanding the fleet destined for the transport of students.

Caio Induscar, the largest bus manufacturer in Brazil, was responsible for the production of the 102 units delivered, with the F2400 ORE2 body. The chassis are from the Mercedes-Benz model LO-916, with a high back and rear axle, making it easy to access rural areas with difficult access roads, such as holes, river crossings, cattle grids, etc..

The vehicle delivery ceremony took place at the Governador Mário Covas Júnior Municipal Gymnasium, in the city of Botucatu, SP, home to the largest Caio plant and other companies that make up the Group. The event was attended by the current governor of São Paulo, Márcio França, the secretary of education of São Paulo, João Cury Neto, secretary of social development, Gilberto Nascimento Júnior, state representative, Fernando Cury, mayors and other representatives of authorities, as well as the industrial director of Caio, Mr. Maurício Lourenço da Cunha.

Speaking during the event, João Cury stressed the importance of buses to the community. ``These vehicles will benefit thousands of students, ensuring their access to schools in a dignified and safe manner. The buses delivered today are from Caio, a factory located in the interior. It is an important fact, because there is the appreciation of the local industry and the resources used remain in the state, ``concluded the Secretary.

The F2400, school version, has the capacity to carry 44 seated students plus the driver. The vehicles, fully accessible, are equipped with DPM (Mobile Armchair Device), allowing the transport of up to two people with disabilities (PCD). Aiming for comfort and safety, they also have upholstered armchairs, notebooks, original chassis door lock and emergency windows.

Mr. Maurício Lourenço da Cunha stressed the importance of meeting the need for school transportation of cities at the national level and, as today, of municipalities in the interior of São Paulo. ``For Caio, it is a pleasure to participate in this Program, seeing our products running massively in the state of São Paulo, efficiently serving the cities in question.``

It is part of Caio`s mission to contribute to the evolution of collective transportation, aimed at young people.