Mexico City buys new buses of the brand Caio, with 15 meters and Sliding Door system

2021-04-22 Caio was once again the brand chosen by the Mexican market to supply new units for the public transport system in Mexico City, which has a robust and modern structure for urban mobility. According to data from the Ministry of Mobility (Semovi) 1.5 million passengers are transported per day.
In partnership with Volvo Group Buses México, the 35 vehicles manufactured by Caio are of the Millennium model, called Access in the country, which will circulate on the newly created line 4, regulated by Metrobús to serve the capital.
The assembly of the bodies, which are sent in the form of SKD, is carried out at Volvo Mexico with the technical support of Caio professionals, reinforcing the partnership and commitment to quality at all stages of the process.

About 15-meter Access

Access 0 km are the first units bodybuilt on Volvo B 8RLE - 6X2 chassis, with 15,000 mm of length and EURO 6 motorization, which reduces the emission of pollutant agents, complying with the strict rules practiced in some countries of Latin America. The chassis is still not marketed in Brazil.

Another highlight, which adds functionality and beauty to the model, is the double leaf sliding door, imported from Holland.

Also known as “standard subway door”, the Sliding Door was installed between the buses’ axis. By sliding sideways, the door takes up less space in the body, which facilitates the flow of passengers through the access opening with 1350 mm of width.

A mobile ramp was installed to access the Sliding Door for the convenience of People with Disability. The internal lounge also has Braille signs and room for a guide dog.

They are equipped with low floors and suspension kneeling, providing comfort and safety when passengers embark and disembark.

The units have technological resources, such as preparation for GPS, preparation for micro camera, internal and external lighting in LED, and electronic itineraries also in LED, located in strategic points of the body. The internal lounge also has seats exclusive for women.

Other information about Caio may also be obtained in the website:, in the social networks of @caioinduscaroficial and in the LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.

Caio Press Office
March 2021