Grupo Caio performs a solemn act to celebrate 166 years of Botucatu, 75 of Caio, and 20 years of the new Grupo

2021-04-14 The event had the presence of authorities who represented all public managers, the population, and the company`s employees.

Botucatu, known as the “City of good air and good schools” is also a city of good industries. It currently houses the companies of the Grupo Caio Induscar, which around 40 years ago installed its first industrial park in the city, that of Caio, a bus manufacturing company.

It has been 166 years of Botucatu, 75 years of Caio, and 20 years of Grupo Caio. Dates that merge and deserve to be celebrated. Therefore, to mark this moment, Caio carried out the solemn act, following all the protocols recommended by the health organizations.

The City Mayor Mário Pardini and the Town Chairman Rodrigo Rodrigues were present. Representing Caio, the director Marcelo Ruas, the HR manager and also councilor Silvio dos Santos, and the corporate manager of Communication and Marketing Tânia Pires de Souza.

Marcelo Ruas, on behalf of the Grupo Caio board, expressed the affection for the city and the admiration for the current city administration “I thank the mayor for the example of honesty and entrepreneurial vision, added to a unique competence. We have in common to always fight for everything we believe, because we believe that everything will work out and Caio is an example of that. We had around 600 employees when we took over the company and today, 20 years later, with more than 5,000 professionals, we are the largest employers in the region. We are in Botucatu because we are proud of this city, in being part of its history”.

The Town Chairman, Mr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, ``Palhinha``, summed up the current moment “One of my first jobs was here at Caio. I am very proud to drive along Rondon and see the greatness of this company. It is a city inside another city. Caio is a family and it is a gift to Botucatu. The city, as well as the world, are facing this difficult situation and Caio has been a great partner in this battle”.

Concluding the solemn act, the City Mayor, Mário Pardini, shared some interesting details. “I have always wanted to work at Caio. As a teenager, I even played football for the company and for me, it was an accomplishment. My professional trajectory followed other directions and, years later, crossed with Caio. And today, my history as mayor merges with the history of this great company, about which everyone is aware of how relevant it is to our city.``

Pardini finished his speech talking about partnership and gratitude: ``Few know how human Caio`s board is, it values the maintenance of jobs, values people, and our community. For this reason, as a citizen from Botucatu, I thank the tribute to our beloved Botucatu and I return expressing my pride for having Caio as a great partner in our city. ``

The guests received signs alluding to the 166 years of the city and thanks for the excellence of the work that has been carried out. The Mayor also received from Marcelo Ruas, a scale model of an Apache Vip bus, with the phrase “The best buses are born in Botucatu”.

Other information about Caio may also be obtained in the website:, in the social networks of @caioinduscaroficial and in the LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.

Caio Press Office
April 2021