Grupo Caio Induscar makes a donation to Botuccam

2018-07-11 Due to the implications of breast cancer, more than 70% of women with breast cancer undergo breast cancer removal - A mastectomy. But this is only the beginning of a challenging trajectory that awaits them.

Facing emotional issues, also linked to self-esteem and acceptance, they are faced with a lack of bras tailored to their needs. Therefore, entities such as Botuccam, carry out the making of this piece of clothing throughout Brazil. Since 2009, they have been supported by Grupo Caio Induscar, through Inbrasp, which has already donated approximately 700 kg of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a virgin material imported by the company that can be used in the inserted prostheses in bras.

In 2018, the Group continued its social engagement, donating 75 kg of the material, a portion capable of producing around 500 prostheses. ``Our goal is to endorse the proposal to offer support to all of these women. This work helps improve self-esteem, resulting in psychological support, ``says Simonetta Pucciarini da Cunha, Director of Marketing and Human Resources at Grupo Caio Induscar.

About the project

According to a social worker of the institution, Alessandra Trindade, the bras are filled with removable prostheses, coated with HDPE, of size and weight corresponding to the case of each woman.
``The HDPE donations are of fundamental importance for the realization of this project, since Botuccam is a non-profit institution. We are deeply grateful for the donations of HDPE that Grupo Caio Induscar has been doing over the years. This attitude brings the possibility of another life to women who have had their femininity battered by Breast Cancer. This is what keeps our work active, ``says the assistant.

About Inbrasp

Inbrasp is an industrial unit destined to the production and transformation of plastic parts for the segments of earthmoving, automobile, bus coach builder and agribusiness. It focuses on the high-tech production process, with state-of-the-art machinery. Employing approximately 370 employees, its headquarters are located in the city of Botucatu (SP) and the branch in Betim (MG), with 15 thousand m² and 2.6 thousand m² of constructed area, respectively. Having started its activities in 2009, it is part of Grupo CAIO Induscar, which is also composed of the Caio Induscar companies - manufacturer of urban buses present in more than 50 countries and leader in the national market of bus body shells; Fiberbus; Chassis preparation; Industrial Complex and Caio Barra Bonita.