Grupo Caio and Inbrasp make an important donation on behalf of victims of the heavy rains in Botucatu (SP), in addition to creating an internal solidarity chain

2020-02-14 A city located in the State of São Paulo’s Interior, home to Caio and Inbrasp’s parent company, Botucatu is facing a state of public calamity due to the rains that fell early in the week. According to the official data by the municipality, approximately 200 families were somehow affected by the heavy rains that flooded and destroyed houses, bridges, public roads and commercial businesses.

Grupo Caio and Inbrasp, always engaged in social causes, set up a true solidarity chain. “We were touched and, to a certain extent, distressed by the havoc in our city. We readily expressed our solidarity to help in whatever way possible and necessary as soon as possible. Such help came immediately by making available trucks, pull shovels, purchase of foodstuff, hygiene and cleaning material to help the home displaced families”, explains one of the Company’s executives.

Yesterday afternoon Caio, Inbrasp and other Group’s companies donated home appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, mattresses and bed sheets. Showing their enormous appreciation for the city, aiming to provide greater comfort to affected families, the Group donated: 45 refrigerators, 45 stoves, 60 mattresses.

These items will be handed to those families who lost everything they had due to the rains, as reported Botucatu City Mayor, Mário Eduardo Pardini. According to Caio’s Social Service coordinator, Silvânia Giandoni, part of the items will also be intended for the families of employees affected by the catastrophe.

The City Social Assistance Secretary, Silvia Aparecida Fumes Carvalho, responsible for receiving the donations, details the affected people condition and how the items will be distributed. ``The families who had their homes devastated by the rain are sheltered in homes of relatives or the Municipal Gymnasium. In principle, the donations will be intended for these families and, subsequently, for the others who are already in our register. We thank Grupo Caio and Inbrasp for their act of solidarity, which will be of great help for these people to have decent living conditions again”.

An internal action engaged the Group’s employees who donated furniture, foodstuffs and materials in general, handed to coworkers in need and the community.