Francisco Morato, in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, receives units of the Apache Vip bus

2019-07-11 Caio recently delivered 10 units of the urban Apache Vip to Francisco Morato, a city that belongs to the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, with more than 170 thousand inhabitants.

The new buses will be incorporated to the fleet of Auto Ônibus Moratense, a public transportation company responsible for the operation of 23 municipal lines and 2 metropolitan lines in the city.

More about Apache Vip

The Apache Vip, nationally recognized for its structural robustness, durability and modern design, adds safety, comfort and modernity to public transportation, characteristics conquered by the Caio brand over more than 73 years of history.

All units have USB sockets for recharging mobile devices, providing convenience to passengers. The interior lighting of the bodies and the electronic itineraries also have LED lamps, which have a longer lifespan, providing energy savings.

Accessibility is guaranteed by an elevator in the central door and exclusive seats for people with disabilities, reduced mobility and the elderly. The Apache Vip produced can accommodate 79 passengers, 37 of them seated.

Caio, in its constant search to offer the best solutions for public transportation of passengers, aggregates in its products, characteristics such as superior quality, technology and innovation in all details.

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