Facade of Caio at Botucatu unit receives special lighting from this Wednesday, April 14

2021-04-14 Lighting is part of the actions in honor of the 166 years of the city, together with the commemorative milestones of Caio and the new Grupo

The facade of Caio Botucatu received special lighting in blue, which can be seen from today, April 14, birthday of Botucatu.

But why blue?

Blue is the color that has been part of the visual identity of Caio, a bus manufacturer for years, and is also the one that prevails in the Botucatu flag. For this reason, the color was chosen to honor the city, whose anniversary merges with the 75th anniversary of the Caio brand and the 20th anniversary of the new management Grupo.

The facade will remain illuminated throughout the week. Caio is located at Rodovia Marechal Rondon, Km 252,2, Distrito Industrial.

Other information about Caio may also be obtained in the website: http://www.caio.com.br, in the social networks of @caioinduscaroficial and in the LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.

Caio Press Office
April 2021