Caio stands out one more year as the leader in the urban bus segment

2020-01-31 The year 2020 starts with good news for Caio. Recent data from FABUS - National Association of Bus Manufacturers, confirmed the brand as the absolute leader in the urban bus segment at the domestic market, with a 60% share. In 2018, such percentage was 51%, pointing out a relevant growth and the eternal leadership of the company, which takes place since such data started to be formally raised.

The brand, which celebrates its 74th anniversary and 19th year of business under the new management in this January, reached a 62% growth in comparison with 2018, referring to the manufacturing of buses for the domestic market. Added to the manufacturing for the foreign market, the growth was 45% in manufactured units.

Experts point out that the good market recovery is particularly due to the renewals and expansions of the urban bus fleets, boosted by bidding processes and increased trust of the investors in the economy.

“The expectations for 2020 are positive, with the expectation of keeping the manufacturing up in the same rhythm as 2019. For the second half of 2020, an oscillation of sales is expected for the domestic market, due to the Municipal elections. As for the foreign market, we have good expectations”, explained Caio’s commercial director, Paulo Ruas.

The Path of Evolution

Innovating and anticipating trends and needs of the segment and its customers are in the brand’s DNA. Caio’s leadership is strongly connected to such factors, allied to the reliability achieved during more than seven decades of business and the constant search for evolution in products and processes, with its traditional quality excellence. For that reason, researches are performed in order to study new technologies and point out improvements, as well as investments on studies on new materials applied to the trailers, which go through constant resistance tests.

Caio is part of a Group formed by companies targeted to provide the market with innovative mobility solutions, with operational efficiency, technology, comfort and safety. Treading an evolution path in its products and processes, in the first weeks of 2020, Caio Group showed to the market the updating of its logotype and visual identity. It is a milestone which purpose is to visually show the Group’s evolution and modernization.

About Caio

With two industrial parks, headquartered in the City of Botucatu and holding its branch office in Barra Bonita, both of which in the countryside of the State of São Paulo, Caio has a manufacturing capacity of 50 trailers a day, at both facilities.

It counts with sales representation teams throughout Brazil and abroad and a central office in the city of São Paulo. Also with a renowned technical assistance team and facilities in the acquisition and exchange of replacement parts.

Caio is recognized as one of the largest employment generators in the region. In Botucatu alone, the company has about 3,200 employees. Added to other companies of Grupo Caio, these are approximately 5,000 direct employments generated.

The winning performance in the segment of buses is conquered day by day, with a large portfolio of products that serve the varied market needs and the mix of solutions, which include customer service and differentiated services.

Therefore, Caio is an expert in providing solutions in intelligent mobility, making the transportation of millions of people in Brazil and around the World easy.