Caio produces 92 Vip Apaches for Salvador

2019-07-30 Salvador`s Public Transportation System will have 92 new Apache Vip buses from Caio Induscar. The vehicles acquired by OT Trans - Ótima Transportes de Salvador are part of the company`s fleet renewal.

The operator, which values offering its passengers mobility services with quality and seriousness, is a traditional Caio client.

Its fleet has 870 vehicles, being more than 60% composed by the Apache Vip model, front engine, sales leader in the urban market in Brazil, produced by Caio.

The company, identified with the green color, operates in the “Miolo” operational area of the Bahian capital.

All new buses are equipped with air conditioning and barriers to the solar effects with tinted windows, providing more thermal comfort and convenience to passengers while traveling.

The vehicles also have camera monitoring, LED lighting and electronic itineraries.

With a total capacity of 73 people, 13,200 meters long and three access doors, they offer total accessibility, equipped with semi-automatic lifts, two wheelchair spaces and armchairs for people with disabilities, reduced mobility and the elderly.

The tradition of quality Caio brand products makes the bus body builder the number one choice for fleet renewals and extensions.

Other information on the brand can also be obtained at:, in the social networks @caioinduscaroficial and on the LinkedIn Caio Induscar Oficial.