Caio Induscar: focused on the human being, the company develops programs focused on PCDs (Persons with Disabilities)

2019-03-07 Caio Induscar, one of the largest bus manufacturers in the country, has been developing social and professional qualification programs for about 15 years, benefiting employees, their families and the community, such as, for example, the Company Humanization Program (PHE), which has 18 operating fronts.

It also has programs aimed at social inclusion, such as the Parts Complement Sector, the Professional Rehabilitation Program and the specific Training Program for PCD.

Parts Complement Sector

Focused on the inclusion of people with disabilities in its staff, Caio implemented, in April 2018, the Parts Complement Sector, specially structured to receive employees with disabilities, in order to assemble items that need to be interconnected, to be placed in vehicles.

The place received adaptations such as access ramps, broad workbenches and a larger passage space, facilitating locomotion, adapted bathrooms, close to the work place.

The Parts Complement absorbs the demand of PCDs, which contribute a lot to the company. The industry performs several jobs that were previously done on the production line, in addition to preparing employees who, when they stand out, can later be inserted into other sectors of the company. Several employees have already been trained and relocated to other sectors, such as Powder Painting, Finishing, Assembly, Ambulatory, Costs and Ordinance, among others.

The collaborator Fabiano Rodrigues de Souza, with Caio for one year, was relocated from the Complements Sector 6 months ago to the sector of Covers, where he carries out activities such as rear cover assembly and retractable covers. ``Due to the consequences of accidents, I had trouble getting a job. Caio relied on my strong will, training me and renewing my joy of living. I thank the company for the opportunity. I am treated equally in the sector in which I work and I want to continue qualifying myself to be able to grow,`` says Fabiano.

``Initially, the proposal was to carry out a specific activity in the sector, but with the technical qualification of the team, we can currently carry out more than 60 different activities, among them, batten assembly, USB cables, grouser shoe and for piping, window hinges, signs, plus cable cutting and coding for chassis preparation, door box cover cut and fire extinguisher support. The joy of the employees is visible, proving the success of this project,`` explains Antonio Carlos dos Santos (Kall), Caio`s technical training coordinator.

Professional Rehabilitation Program

Caio Induscar has achieved very satisfactory results with the Professional Readaptation Program, which consists of training and rehabilitating employees who have been dismissed or have health problems and who cannot, temporarily or permanently, carry out their previous activities, putting them back into new activities. The employee, besides being trained to carry out a new activity in the company, receives the aid of a multidisciplinary team, even during his period of absence, collaborating for his physical, emotional and professional rehabilitation. In the last 10 years, 419 employees have been readapted in Grupo Caio.

An example of the success of this project is the collaborator Jéssica Allein, who was part of the Parts Catalog sector and was readapted in the Caio Replacement Parts sector. ``I`ve been in Grupo for almost 10 years and I feel privileged to be part of this great family. Here, I feel complete. Working with car bodies and clients is an apprenticeship, a new experience every day. My feeling for this company goes far beyond fulfilling the work schedule. I can say that I am fulfilled in working here, because I love what I do and in what depends on me, I will always be willing to do my best.``

Specific training program for PCD

Another action front for professional training is the creation of the Sales Technical Assistant Course for PCDs, started in February of this year by Caio, in partnership with SENAI of Botucatu, with a duration of 11 months.

Upon completion of the course, the professional will be trained to provide assistance to the area of sales, in accordance with legislation, internal standards and technical procedures of quality, health, safety and environment. Those selected have the right to remuneration, health care and transportation during the course, as well as quality education, with qualified teachers, physical structure and equipment, such as special keyboards, a specific system for deaf-mutes and so on.

``Forming citizens prepared for the future, promoting inclusion, offering opportunities for all without distinction, is a perennial commitment of Caio. It is part of the company`s culture to embrace social causes that generate benefits to society. We want these projects developed at Caio to evolve and be multiplied, expanding more and more actions for the qualification and inclusion of people. We are available to share our social projects with other companies,`` concludes the director of Human Resources and Benefits of Caio, Simonetta Pucciarini da Cunha.