Caio Induscar takes part in the UMA SHOW 2014

2014-04-01 A Caio Induscar took part in the United Motorcoach Association (UMA) Show 2014 which took place on 17th to 19th February in Los Angeles, USA.

The UMA show is considered the biggest tourism and long-distance bus fair in the country and aims to show market trends to those in the industry (contractors in the sector, bus and coach builders).

Some members of Caio Induscar attended the event; they included Maurício Cunha (Industrial Director); Wilson Cavalari (Production Manager); Valter de Oliveira (Head of Engineering); Klaus Von Winckler (responsible for North American Exportation); Mr. Mark (Caio’s representative in the USA); and the Alliance Bus Group, distributor for the American market.

Two Caio Induscar long-distance buses were exhibited, the Giro 3400 and Giro 3600; both meet American standards. Both have an on-board toilet, DVD monitors, 56 seats, and other options making the buses more comfortable and modern.

During the show sales were made and there were also other enquiries.

Currently, 40 Giro 3600 units are being manufactured for the Alliance Bus Group, to resell in the American market. These buses have an overall length of 13,840mm, capacity to carry up to 56 passengers, automatic gearbox, pantograph door, multiplex system, air conditioning, elevator, and on-board toilet. The windows and seats are installed in the body on arrival in the country. The vehicles have had more sales on the US West Coast and in states such as New York and Florida.

The National Bus Trader, the top US magazine in this area of the market, has test driven the Giro 3600, equipped with the new Detroit Diesel (DD13) power unit, which meets rigid American pollution standards, to write a wide-ranging on the bus. It is the first on the market to have the Detroit motor. The vehicle was highly commended by everyone for its comfort, drivability, and luggage carrying capacity which is the largest in the category.

It is fundamental for Caio Induscar, to build buses which meet client needs, and gain new markets.