Caio Induscar takes part in 10th FetransRio

2014-11-14 Caio Induscar took part in the 10th Rio Transports Fair – FetransRio, 5th to 7th november, and the 16th Etransport, which forms part of the same event at the Rio Centro in Rio de Janeiro.

At the event, the Paulista bus builder exhibited its latest restyled version of the Apache VIP, the highest selling urban bus in the country. It also exhibited its Solar, designed for long distance and charter services and its Foz 2400 Executive.

The new Apache VIP, the best-selling bus in Brazil and in the company, was conceived using new design concepts linked to traditional low maintenance costs. The main external change is the design where the light clusters have a new geometry and LED side lights, avoiding continuous lamp failure; rear lights are in a cluster with LEDs and are interchangeable, where the same piece can be used on the right or left side, thus improving replacement and maintenance; the new angle of the upper front itinerary gives a more aerodynamic appearance; the driver’s window new layout eases maintenance; and the the three-part front bumper is made of a new material which is better at absorbing impacts.

The main internal change is the electrical centre, with more space to house and arrange the electrical components, seeing that embarkation technology is becoming more commonly used. The handrails, footrests, seat covers and door box, electrical centre, and front internal cupola covers have all been given a new colour, improving cleanability.

The Solar has large air intakes in the front grill improving motor cooling. The headlight is a single optical cluster characteristic of cars, with a modern line in LEDs which function as side lights. The general lines and side finish junctions give the bus a clean harmonious appearance. The passenger saloon has LED lighting which is more economic and easy to maintain, and the antislip floor improves passenger safety and is easy to clean. There are also individual adjustable reading lights providing better passenger comfort and illuminated seat numbers helping passengers locate their seats.

The Foz 2400 Executive has a wrap-around front with windshield, curved general lines, and chrome details. It also has air intakes for excellent motor cooling. The headlight is a single optical cluster characteristic of cars, with a modern line in LEDs which function as side lights. The rear has elongated lines, fully redesigned window and chrome detailing. The lights are also in a single cluster with LED lights, and the rear bumper has to reflectors.

The 16th Passenger Transport Congress, Etransport, took place during the fair. It held forums and discussions on subjects related to intelligent mobility, focussing on transport excellence, aimed at efficiency and quality of life in transporting people in large cities, and especially during the Olymic Games in 2016.

It is very important to Caio Induscar to participate in events which contribute towards transport development, improving mobility for millions of people.