Caio Induscar offers courses for the community

2014-05-12 Caio Induscar is sponsoring three free courses for people in Itatinga and Botucatu, SP. The courses are: Bus assembly assistant, MIG welding, and Hip Hop.

The technical courses, bus assembly assistant and MIG welding, are given in conjunction with the Municipal Council of Itatinga, the New Life Social Centre, and SENAI, Botucatu. The aim is for community members to attain qualifications in specialised manual work.

The Welding course has 12 places per class and Bus Assembly 30. Each course will have two classes per year and in total around 84 individuals will be trained to work in jobs which use these skills.

Theory classes are given at New School, a place provided by Itatinga council, and practical classes at SENAI Botucatu.

Currently the Hip Hop project is a pilot, lasting six months and taking place at the New Life Social Centre. Its aim is to widen the world view of those taking part, youngsters between 9 and 17 years old, looking at themes such as sexuality, the digital world, solidarity, drugs, spirituality, etc. There will be 9 groups of 30 youngsters per trimester, totalling 270 participants.

Classes are held from Monday to Saturday in different schools in Botucatu and Itatinga, where group dynamics are encouraged, strengthening bonds between youngsters in society, and body expression.

It is fundamental for Caio Induscar to encourage and support social projects for community development improving individuals lives.