Caio Induscar - tradition transforming the future

2018-02-14 The Caio brand has a lot to celebrate. It’s been 72 years since the first hand-crafted buses were produced in 1946, with wood structure covered with sheet metal, the most modern bodywork composed of light and solid structures, and by innovative embedded technology items. A history that accompanied numerous political-economic crises, reflecting in more difficult phases, and moments of great growth of our country, that fomented the increase of the performance of the brand, not only in the national market, but also in Latin America, the United States, Asia, Africa and Oceania. With global reach, Caio is present in more than 50 countries.
In all its trajectory, the traditional brand is synonymous with quality, solidity and durability. Caio Induscar is a 100% Brazilian company, which has in its DNA the passion for producing buses, reflected in numbers. An example of this is that it closed the year 2017 with about a 58% share in the sale of urban buses in Brazil, maintaining leadership in this segment.
The achievement is the result of factors such as the workforce, a complete portfolio of solutions, partnerships with suppliers and customers, strong management and a focus on anticipating market trends and necessities
The employees are the greatest asset of Caio Induscar, professionals engaged in the search for knowledge. The result of this commitment is the quality of the products offered, which count on modern design, comfort and safety. They are resistant and require low maintenance cost.
The tradition of the brand is to always be at the forefront, launching innovative products that go beyond collective passenger transport and that, in fact, contribute to the evolution of urban mobility.
The product portfolio covers coaches, urban (standard and articulated), midi, mini and minibus models. Apache VIP, the country`s sales record urban model, is one of the greatest examples of operational efficiency and ease of maintenance. Also, part of the brand`s portfolio is the articulated Millennium BRT, with up to 23 meters in length and average capacity of 176 passengers, meeting the demand of large urban centers.
The brand`s innovation can also be proven in special vehicles, with the concept of sustainability, produced with partner companies for use in trolleybus systems, which have batteries that guarantee autonomy of up to 7 km without being connected to the electric network, hybrid vehicles and also the 100% electric, with low and zero emission of pollutants, respectively.

Thus, the search for innovation is constant. Specific studies are carried out, such as the application of lighter and more durable materials, without losing the robustness of the structure. Also applied technical studies and with final end clients to identify other possible opportunities for improvement. Caio products are approved by means of structural calculations and resistance tests.
To value the quality of its products and processes is a perennial commitment of the brand, which was the first manufacturer of auto bodies in Brazil to get the ISO 9001 certificate, which continues to this day.
Customer satisfaction is a constant commitment of Caio, which combines products, attendance and quality services. The bus manufacturer has a team of sales representatives with extensive experience and know how, connected with the market and the customers.
The technical assistance offered, provides agile and excellent services. Consequently, the technicians perform personalized service, in addition to providing training to transportation operators.
Customers also have spare parts service, which has an efficient and fast team to meet your needs. Complete, the service encompasses a network of representatives in various parts of the country.
Other strengths of the company, characteristics of the Group that took over the brand in 2001, are the concern to keep the commitments with their customers and understand their business, as they are also bus operators. Under the current management, Caio produced, in the period from 2001 to 2017, around 120 thousand body shells, mostly focused on the urban segment.
Evolution is part of Caio`s history, which currently has an installed capacity of 40 units per day at the Botucatu Plant and 12 units per day at the Barra Bonita Plant.
The company is part of Grupo Caio, made up of fiberglass manufacturers, automotive plastic parts, tempered glass, aluminum processing and distribution, as well as public transport operators for buses and dealerships. Currently the Grupo Caio manufacturing units occupy almost 250 thousand square meters of constructed area, and its workforce is composed of approximately 3,836 employees.
Some Grupo shareholders have recently acquired assets of Busscar, a bus body brand with a history of excellence in road products and are bringing it back to the market.
Caio`s trajectory was also marked by major challenges generated by political-economic crises in our country, the most recent one being initiated in 2015. The critical moment required taking various measures such as the adequacy of production and strategies to keep the company healthy and most of its employees in activity.
For 2018, the word is hope. For the country to grow again, generating growth opportunities for all segments, including that of transportation. A greater tariff reality in the passenger transport sector point to a gradual increase in sales as of this year.
Caio Induscar started 2018 with new orders and is working with its workforce to meet demand. The company believes that the strong crisis that has hit the automotive and transportation sectors is falling behind. That is why Caio, the brand that best combines tradition, technology and quality, is keeping an eye on the future.