Caio Group sponsors the ``School with Ball`` project, which benefits children and adolescents in the city of Botucatu

2022-04-13 The free project is aimed at students between 06 and 17 years of age, from the municipal and state education system, and will start effectively in May 2022. Registration is open from April 18 to 29 by filling out the form available via QR Code.

Caio Group is committed to social responsibility actions that benefit its employees and their families, as well as the community in which it operates.

One of the projects is the Escola com Bola (School with Ball), which aims to provide the participants, through soccer, with development in several aspects. Sport is a tool that allows you to go far beyond sporting evolution. There is the care for physical and emotional health, the exercise of empathy, respect, resilience, and cooperation. In short, the project disseminates social values through teamwork, contributing to the formation of better citizens, more aware of their role in society, thus promoting a better future.

The realization of projects like this is only possible with the alliance of public-private initiatives, which is why Escola com Bola receives support from Caio, which contributes financially to the project based on the terms of the FUMCAD Law - Municipal Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, through the use of tax waivers on Income Tax.

For this subsidy to be possible, the project needs to be linked to entities approved by the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDCA), an attribute conferred to the Ruach Institute, which will manage the project.

The Municipal Secretary of Education and the State Board of Education will also play a fundamental role in the project`s daily routine, publicizing the applications and following up on the students` progress and school performance. The project will have psychologists and social workers from the public network, supporting the participants who need specialized follow-up.

The six fields where training will take place have been covered with synthetic grass donated by Caio. The rest of the structure was up to the Botucatu Sports Secretary to provide, so that the locations were in accordance to receive the students.

Who can participate in the project
The Escola com Bola project is aimed at children and teenagers between 6 and 17 years old, of any gender, residents of Botucatu, enrolled in municipal and state schools.

Vacancies and neighborhoods where Escola com Bola will be held
It is planned to attend up to 1000 children and teenagers, divided into four categories, separated by age groups, in six different centers, , located in the neighborhoods: Comerciários, Cachoeirinha, Caimã, Jardim Itamaraty, Santa Maria, Vitoriana.

To participate in Escola com Bola the student must:
1- Be between 6 and 17 years old;
2- Be enrolled in the municipal or state education system;
3- Living in Botucatu, in one of the poles located in the neighborhoods: Comerciários, Cachoeirinha, Caimã, Jardim Itamaraty, Santa Maria, Vitoriana;
4- Fits into one of the categories: Sub 8; Sub 11; Sub 14; Sub 17.

Step by step to enroll and participate in the Escola com Bola project

1- Registration is online (by cell phone or computer);
2- Registration period: April 18 to 29. (there will be no extension, so don`t leave it too late!);
3- Who should register: parents or guardians of the child/youth;
4- The registration is done through a form that can be filled out on a cell phone or computer (check the image below to see how to enter the form):

To access the registration form, point your cell phone camera at the QR Code on the side or at the link:
ALL data must be filled in for the registration to be valid.

Places will be filled in order of registration. When the number of available places is reached, the next applicants will be put on a waiting list. The list of participants will be sent out immediately after registration is complete.

Someone from the project will contact the applicants to set a day and time for the father, mother, or guardian to go to the field chosen in the application (close to home), to sign the participation authorization, which is essential for the applicant to participate in the Project.

To stay in the Project, participate in internal championships and other competitions, the student must have good school performance, not miss classes (at school and in the project), respect the teachers, and care about the conservation of the materials used in training, among other rules.

Launch of the School with Ball Project
The game that symbolizes the beginning of the activities of Escola com Bola - Kick-Off is scheduled for April 21st, Tiradentes holiday. The event will be held at the Comerciários neighborhood field and political, education, and sports authorities from the city of Botucatu, as well as representatives from the Caio Group, Ruach Institute, and CMDCA are confirmed to take place at the Comerciários field, at 10 am.

You can find more information about the Caio brand on the site: and on the social networks @caioinduscaroficial.

Caio Group Press Office
April 2022