2024-05-10 The Caio Group, in partnership with service provider companies, is mobilizing to assist people affected by the recent rains in Rio Grande do Sul. To ensure that aid reaches the needy communities, all companies within the Group are accepting donations from their employees, which will be sent to the affected areas.

Donations will be accepted until May 10th at drop-off points within the respective companies. The following items are being requested: potable water (1.5-liter bottles); non-perishable food items (pasta, beans, rice, coffee, cornmeal, sugar, wheat flour, powdered milk, infant formula, among others); personal hygiene and cleaning materials (soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, disinfectant, among others); and other items (infant and geriatric diapers, clothing, footwear, blankets, dog and cat food).

For every donation received, the Caio Group will double the quantity. For example, if one ton of donations is collected, the Caio Group will donate an additional ton.

The Caio Group values the collaboration towards causes that benefit society and reaffirms its commitment to being a conglomerate of socially responsible companies, especially in extreme situations such as the rains that have affected and caused serious damage to Rio Grande do Sul.

Press Office | May 2024