2023-12-22 The gradual recovery of the urban bus segment in the last quarter of 2023 has enabled the Caio Group to resume hiring, especially professionals for the companies` production areas. It has also boosted internal training, workforce qualification and professional development programs, benefiting its employees and the entire community.

The Caio Group continues to be one of the biggest employers in the region, with its team made up of professionals from the cities of Botucatu, São Manuel, Barra Bonita, Igaraçu do Tietê, Areiópolis, Conchas, Itatinga, Bofete and Lençóis Paulista.

This year, despite a period of low production at the start of the second semester, it is showing signs of picking up again. This year alone, more than 1,170 new jobs were created in production, support and administrative areas. Opportunities for professional growth have also been extended to employees through the 45 internal recruitments carried out.

Inez Cristina Daroz, Recruitment & Selection and Training & Development manager in the Caio Group`s People & Management department, highlights the positive aspects of the figures achieved: ``Every new hire we make is a source of great joy, because we know that we are benefiting families and the community. It`s also very gratifying to generate internal opportunities so that our team can evolve and feel motivated to continue seeking new knowledge.``
The professionals had access to training totaling more than 15,000 hours/class in areas such as: Drawing Reading and Interpretation, Welding Symbology, Excel, Supplier Training, Agile Tools, Cost Reduction Methods, among others.
There is also a training program aimed at managers, called the Leadership Development Program, which took place during the year and covered topics such as proactivity, humanized leadership, emotional intelligence and commitment to results.
The community, on the other hand, benefits from initiatives that encourage learning, such as lectures at technical schools, partnerships with technical training organizations and free courses to qualify the workforce.

Another professional development action carried out by the Caio Group is the Internship Program. The seventh edition trained 22 young people this year. Lasting approximately 11 months, activities were carried out in the manufacturing and administrative areas, with technical and behavioral training. The end of the program included presentations of the projects developed by the university students.

The Industrial Apprenticeship Program , a partnership between Caio and SENAI, employs 91 young people. There are eight production-oriented courses, in which students learn through theoretical and practical classes held at SENAI and at the company.

Caio Group`s premise is always to encourage learning, which is why, through partnerships with educational institutions, it offers discounts on free, language, undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA courses, among others.

Currently, Grupo Caio`s hiring process is carried out exclusively online at, under the People & Management tab.

On our Linkedin page, @caioinduscaroficial, we post job opportunities and select curriculums for the talent databases across all Grupo Caio companies.

Caio Group`s Press Office | December 2023