Caio Delivers 51 Urban Apache Vips to Viação Osasco

2019-08-19 Viação Osasco has acquired 51 new vehicles of the urban Apache Vip model, produced by Caio Induscar.

Considered one of the largest public transport companies in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, Viação Osasco, for over 40 years, has been constantly concerned with providing quality service and meeting the needs of its passengers.

Therefore, to reinforce its fleet, the company chose the front engine Apache Vip model, which is the sales leader in the urban market in Brazil.

Most vehicles - 43 units, will operate on inter-city lines and follow the EMTU SP - Metropolitan Urban Transportation Company of São Paulo standards, being equipped with air conditioning and four electronic routes in Led.

Another 8 units will exclusively meet the demand of passengers from the city of Santana de Parnaíba, following municipal standards. Santana de Parnaíba vehicles have a new visual identity and are the first eight air-conditioned units in the municipality.

All buses also have camera monitoring, USB sockets for mobile charging, led lighting and electronic routes.

All vehicles are fully accessible, equipped with semi-automatic lifts and armchairs for people with disabilities, reduced mobility and the elderly.

For more than 73 years, the quality, comfort and differentials of Caio brand products have ensured a constant improvement in the provision of urban mobility services on municipal and metropolitan lines.