2023-10-27 see the highlights in products and services for the urban bus segment, as well as relevant approaches in panels held in parallel to the exhibitors` area.

Presenting their latest launches, the Caio and Busscar brands were the highlights of the 22nd edition of the Urban Mobility Congress - the 2023 ANTP Arena, which took place between October 24th and 26th in São Paulo. ``We had the opportunity to once again demonstrate the attributes and differentials of our products, to contribute to important discussions on mobility and to meet important customers and business partners,`` points out José Gildo Vendramini, Caio`s national sales manager.

The eMillennium body, specifically for chassis with electric traction, is one of the products that forms part of the Caio brand`s premium vehicles. The model on display has been given a special sticker with colors and design connoting modernity, movement and energy, with the description ``100% electric`` highlighted.

``eMillennium is much more than beauty, safety and comfort. It`s a vehicle that delivers functionality, ease of maintenance, lots of technology and intelligent solutions,`` explains Tânia Pires de Souza, communications and marketing manager for the Caio Group. The manager adds: ``We`re also driven by partnerships, which is why we`re especially grateful to our customer Viação Metrópole Paulista for granting the eMillennium to be exhibited at the ANTP Arena.”

José Gildo (Zezinho) underscores the success of the event: “We connected customers and partners with the values of our brand. We were able to demonstrate our differentials and our transportation solutions, after all, our efforts are always focused on contributing to mobility.”

Busscar also exhibited one of its stars at the ANTP Arena, the Vissta Buss 365, which is part of the new NB1 Busscar family launched in the second half of 2023. The vehicle has a sophisticated design and exclusive components with the Busscar signature. ``This is the first time the Vissta Buss has been exhibited in São Paulo. We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback we have received,`` says Paulo Corso, Busscar`s commercial director.

In parallel to the exhibition area, there were discussion panels on issues relevant to national mobility. Caio, represented by its industrial vice-president, Maurício Lourenço da Cunha, was on the panel on ``The bus industry in Brazil``. Among the topics discussed, the highlights were electromobility in Brazil, the structural needs and the financial support required to make this sustainable form of transport more viable for all parties.

Caio Induscar Group`s Press Office | October 2023